The Spirits of the Pierpont Inn: 100 Years of Hauntings?

Pierpont Inn Lobby

The Pierpont Inn was built in 1910 as a respite for travelers along the 101. The Inn was Josephine Pierpont’s inspiration, and some say she still inhabits the Inn she loved so much. Other suspected spirits-in-residence include Mrs. Mattie Gleichman, who ran the Pierpont for 70 years, and Emma Darling, a former guest.

The property features unique architecture from different decades: two 1925 English Tudor Revival cottages, a 1935 Spanish Revival Banquet Center and A Mid Century Modern retreat – The 50’s Flat (for an excellent background on the Pierpont Inn’s history, see:

We were there to see whether these buildings retained some of the spirit(s) of guests past, or previous occupants; with a little luck, perhaps we would find some evidence that Josephine herself still wanders the lush grounds of the Inn she devoted her life to.

We began our investigation in the Vickers’ Estate. We started in the library, and moved to the main room with the fireplace. While members of the team set up the video and audio, we asked questions of Ted, one of the former occupants of the 1935 Spanish Revival Estate. Questions ranged from the simple (“are you still here?”) to the more complex (“how do you feel about the renovations on this property?”). In between taking pictures, asking questions, and soaking up the atmosphere, there was some light-hearted banter; at one point I state, “I don’t feel anything here at all,” which is ironic given what the audio revealed later.

In the background, someone or something is walking upstairs. It might also be interpreted as soft, continuous tapping, but Layla had mentioned during the session in the library that she heard footsteps. At that point, some of us heard them and others didn’t. In any case, the digital recorder clearly picks up sounds that we were not making. The four of us were completely alone in the building at the time, a fact I verified at least once during that session. It is well-known among ghost hunters that the most interesting material can surface even when one doesn’t feel the presence of anything or anyone in the room. I reminded myself of that later, since one’s senses are not always the best guide when it comes to perceiving the paranormal; that is why we lug around so much equipment.

We continued our investigation in the bar area, the restaurant, the staircase up to the staff offices and the offices themselves, which are located in the original area of the hotel. This section of the Pierpont Inn is now closed to the public. The staircase leading up to the office area was alive with activity; besides eliciting a definite, creepy impression (the area is reputed to be haunted by a young girl) our EMF (electromagnetic field meters, used to detect unusual energy sources) devices were lighting up like Christmas trees. Although it is true that wires in the walls can set off an EMF meter, in this case the energy source was not consistent; sometimes it spiked in a certain area, and other times it didn’t. In a few instances, the lights seemed to be responding to our questions.

The staff offices provided us with our eeriest experiences. We produced a few unusual pictures in the Catering Office, showing light anomalies that our photographic expert (Ty Supancic) cannot explain by normal means. This was during a session where the EMF meters were again behaving strangely, in areas where there was no obvious energy source. It was in these same offices that a pen moved by itself, under the watchful eyes of Layla and Grant. Staff of the hotel have reported pens moving around of their own accord in those offices, so this finding was especially interesting. Unfortunately, the pen would not perform this feat on command, so we were not able to capture it on video.

The entire hallway seemed active. In different spots, the EMF meters blinked on and off, with no predictable pattern. We took various pictures of the glass paned door where people have seen the reflection of a woman in white, but we were unable to capture her. We ended our investigation sometime after midnight, and we headed off to our well-appointed rooms for some much needed rest.

I would like to point out that the staff at the Pierpont Inn was exceptionally accommodating and generous. Ali, Tom, Anthony and Morgan were gracious hosts, and we would like to thank them for the time they took explaining where the “hot spots” were, and detailing the reports of paranormal activity. We could not have completed the investigation without them, and we look forward to working with them again.

We are still in the process of reviewing all of our evidence from the Pierpont Inn investigation, but our preliminary findings are quite suggestive of a haunting, especially in the staff offices and around the staircase near the lobby. The energy there is different from the other areas of the Inn; you feel it as soon as you round the corner from the lobby. While it’s not possible to say exactly what or who might be lingering at the Pierpont, there is certainly the feeling that we were not alone there. Something with intelligence and apparent consciousness appeared to be quite interested in our activities, and gave us much food for thought. We hope to have more photographs and EVPs to share with you in a few days.

We recommend that you enjoy a fine meal at the Pierpont’s restaurant, followed by a drink at the bar, perhaps a nightcap in the lounge, and then–maybe–you’ll be ready to walk up those stairs. Bring your camera and don’t trip when you come running back down.

Kirsten A. Thorne, Ph.D.
Co-founder, Los Angeles Paranormal Association

For more informaton on the Pierpont Inn, visit their website:

23 thoughts on “The Spirits of the Pierpont Inn: 100 Years of Hauntings?

  1. I love staying in room 603 Vickers Estate. We sleep like a log each time we are there. July 2017 we stayed a werk for our first visit. One afternoon I was lying on the bed just resting not quite asleep. When I felt small fingers poking gently at my eyelids. When I opened my eyes I saw a young girl (8-10 yrs dressed in 1800’s era childrens clothes) looking at me and when she saw my ryes open she squealed with laughter and ran around the bed and off trough the room and out of the bathroom window. I sat up feeling happy. One other day I was napping on the bed again when I felt a presence and opened my eyes and a lady was walking through our room and went through the door onto the landing! It was wonderful! I felt exhiliarated. A little about me. I was raised with a Mother who was a Medium and was able to read palms and channel the deceased. So I have never been scared of paranormal activities. The next time we visited was this past September stayed the weekend and I experienced two ladies strolling from the balcony of 603 thru the room stopped to look at the very old photos on the walls and then exited thru the door to the landing. We are going to stay for a week for Thanksgiving this year and am really looking forward to it. I always feel happy when I stay in room 603 and will always stay there coz I have this sense that I am surrounded by Love.


  2. Sorry for the delated response. I have posted a number of EVPs from the Pierpont Inn Vickers Suite on YouTube. However, I am still working on the overall project being that I had set up a digital camera that appears to have picked up tons of EVPs from at least five entities. The camera broke due to a power surge despite the fact that it was plugged into a surge protector along with a clock radio that was completely unaffected by the surge. It is on this recording that I grabbed a Class A EVP saying, “Sheila, he knows we’re dead.” Otherwise, I’m averaging about four Class B EVPs every ten seconds. The run time prior to the power surge was 42 minutes so that is a lot of EVPs. I even accidentally captured EVPs after unknowingly turning on my handheld Olympus recorder as I was trying to figure out why my camera would no longer power up. All of this was inside Room 603.

    The voices are the same ones that I had recorded elswhere in the building and there definitely is an intelligence to the EVPs.

    Anyway, go to YouTube and type in “EVP” “Pierpont Inn.” I believe I am the only one who has posted stuff on there from that place and I will post my findings of Room 603 when it is done. But for now, I’m trying to filter out tons of traffic noise which requires me to check, doublecheck and in some cases quadruple check my EVPs before signing off. Also, please keep in mind that I am not a team member of LAPA. I’m adding this disclaimer as a courtesy to the folks of LAPA who have made this message board available for comments on their own investigations.


  3. actually excited when i get to go into these places you talk about now at work haha..i hope ill have an encounter of some kind while im working there..very interesting stuff


  4. Thanks for posting. In the Vickers Estate EVPs, I picked up voices referring to Mattie and Eliza (Emma Darling’s formal name). But there is a Sheila present, which I have not been able to identify. The Class A EVP says, “Sheila, he knows we’re dead.” This is followed by a female voice–a Class B–that seems to say, “So what?” If anyone can provide some insight as to who Sheila is (or was) that would be great. I’ve picked up her voice all over the Vickers Estate and am convinced that she is one of the more active spirits at the Pierpont.


  5. also another space tht may be very cool to check out is an old “dungeon-like” dry storage room..ive only been down there once..there’s a small metal door on the floor in one of the rooms in the kitchen..if u lift it up there’s an old all but destroyed set of concrete stairsleading down ..u cant walk down into have to lower yourself down..once down there its a relatively large space..its extremely dirty and a few sets of old shelves line the wall..interestingly enough their still labeled for the food items they used to hold..i would absolutely not want to be stuck down their by myself haha


  6. hey everyone..i actually recently started working at the pierpont inn as a chef just before Thanksgiving..the only odd things i can think of that have happened to me is that about 3 times that i have gone to use the bathroom in the employee break room(appears to have been and old guest room) the door knob moves just as I’m about to leave..and i lock the door..and normally you can clearly hear when someone enters the room..but not these 3 times..the door knob visibly moves and tries to open..but its only tries to open once..and what makes it even more odd is that once right as soon as it happened i opened tho door one was there..or even outside around the room..and as posted above..yes the staff offices have an extremely “creepy” vibe..very odd the first time ur up there..but definitely cool..ill update if i have anymore experiences


  7. Hi guys:

    I have been putting together audio clips from the Vickers Estate and Rose Garden Cottage, using Windows Movie Maker, so that I can add written commentary and photographs that I took of the locations. I hope it will be of interest to you. Please drop me an email if you would like to review the evidence. Nothing caught on film, but tons of EVPs. I can also firnish you with the raw recordings if you want to double-check the integrity.

    Happy Thanksgiving


    1. Hi Craig, thanks for sharing. Definitely want to get back to the Pierpont again for further investigations.


  8. My husband and I are coming from Oregon to visit the Pierpont Inn. My husband had stayed in the inn many years ago, it will be my first time. Can you tell me if the Austin Pierpont room has had any activity?


  9. I would have liked to have investigated the stairway in the main building more. I have little doubt that there is activity on the stairs from time to time. But I was told that even more activity comes from the original stairway that has been blocked off and can only be accessed through the management offices; however, these stairs lead to nowhere thanks to renovations done years ago.


  10. Okay, so my stayed three nights there last week. Had the Vickers Estate to myself as well as the Garden Cottage. The main physical phenomena were pretty intense cold spots that roamed around. My team hit the rooms hard with our equipment and picked quite a few EVPs from the estate: one from what sounds like a shy young girl around 8-9 years old, a male with a slight British accent and another male in one of the rooms. There might be a woman presence there–I’ve picked up something that sounds like a muffled female voice, but the highway noise from the 101 Freeway makes EVP recording difficult.

    I have not checked the EVP from the cottage. There were times when the temperature changed and a gloom filled the air, but it was not as intense or as consistent as the Vicker’s Estate. I definitelyy have enough evidence to conclude that the hotel has paranormal activity though; however, I still have about another weeks worth of data to sort through.

    Only a few spikes from the KIIs: one in conjunction with a cold spot in a downstairs room of the Vicker’s estate. The stairway in the main hotel structure produced nothing except a steady EMF reading from the wiring behind the wall near the sconce. Took a brief tour of the offices upstairs and found a fear cage in one of the rooms, where the EMF readings were very high. There is also a fear cage in the back bedroom of the garden cottage as well as high EMF readings from cables running through the parking lot (under the pavement).


  11. I enjoyed reading your findings at the Pierpont. I worked and lived there with my wife for a few months in 2004, while finishing up a play I was writing. We had a room in the area just above the 50’s flat. Though I would often feel a presence in the main portion of the hotel, there was something that also chose to follow me around. This was not a “friendly” spirit. We woke one morning to dead snakes on our doormat. Our closet filled with mold over night. A deep feeling of…dislike, or anger within the hotel forced us out one night. It sounds a bit odd, but I believe it followed us into town that evening as well. It seemed the whole place wanted us out. I’ve had quite a few experiences before and have investigated locations since. Nothing has ever compared to what we felt at the pierpont.


  12. Did you get a chance to go inside the 1925 cottages? Are there any paranormal stories surrounding those cottages?


    1. Unfortunately, those were occupied when we visited. I don’t know off-hand of any paranormal stories from the cottages.


      1. I’ll be staying in one of the cottages next week and will let you guys know if anything unusual happens.


  13. Well, this is one I would have liked – especially the fine meal and drink at the bar. 🙂

    It sounded like you had a really nice time no matter the outcome. I’ve never really been one for Ventura and instead considered it just a thoroughfare used to get to point B.

    Again, another great picture choice. Portrays the ambiance quite nicely.


    1. Yes, the Pierpont is a wonderful venue for ghosthunting. And yes, ghosthunting is twice as good with fine food and drink 🙂 BTW, Ventura is FULL of great haunts…


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