Queen Mary: The Engine Room & Sign #13

During an investigation aboard the RMS Queen Mary, Los Angeles Paranormal Association documented some strange activity in the engine room, near “shaft alley”. We were conducting an EVP session near the lubrication pump area #13, in front of a sign marked #13, when we heard distinct tapping sounds on the sign. Follow ups later that evening and the next day failed to provide a natural explanation for the taps. Coincidentally, in 1966, a young crewman named John Pedder met his demise in shaft alley when crushed by watertight door #13 during a fire drill, not far from where we were standing – his ghost is one of many suspected spirits that haunt the ship. One week after this video was taken, we went back to sign #13, and had a similar experience when we asked if whomever had made that sound could do it again. Stay tuned…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  1. about 17 years ago my husband and I spent the night on the Queen Mary. During the middle of the night in our stateroom I experienced being touched, my feet being tugged on and then I had an out of body experience with an older man dressed in suspenders and work pants, he had and beard. He asked to take me to the engine room and showed me around. When I woke in the morning it as so real. This is my experience.



  2. Karen Peluso 29 May 2009 at 8:37 pm

    That was very cool. It was definately a sound different than a fingernail tapping it, but, it’s obvious that it is coming from the aparatus directly in front of them. Great capture!



  3. Interesting stuff!

    We are doing a huge event at the QUEEN MARY in September called the PSIence Fair. Going to be amazing, and we may be getting some fantastic results with the group of inventors we will have with us.




    1. losangelesparanormalassociation 30 May 2009 at 12:35 am

      Thanks! It was very interesting, especially when we went back and got a similar response on cue! We love the Queen Mary and we’ll definitely be checking out the PSI Fair.



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