Now Casting: New TV Series is Searching for Supernatural Occurrences

Do you live within 50 miles of Los Angeles? Are you plagued by potentially paranormal occurrences within your home? Would you be interested in welcoming a paranormal team and a camera crew into your home to document your story and perhaps help you find the answers you’ve been seeking? Then please read the following press release / casting call, sent to us via Metal Flowers Media.

Please note that we are not in any way affiliated with the show, we are simply sharing the press release for those who may be interested in participating.



January, 2014: An intense search is now underway to find couples or individuals who are experiencing unexplained, perhaps supernatural occurrences to participate in a ground-breaking new program.


This new program will feature a team who will engage in the comprehensive outfitting of your home using never-before-seen, cutting-edge technology and equipment. As our team takes a hard look at “cases of the unexplained,” our selected participants may finally find the answers to questions they’ve been asking for years.


“It’s not enough for our candidates to have a story of an unexplained ‘bump in the night,’ or a photo with what looks like a thumbprint on the lens,” says an Executive Producer on the project. “Rather, our candidates will have genuine, hand-wringing concern for mysterious occurrences that have haunted them for years.”


Casting Directors from Metal Flowers Media are currently seeking candidates to participate in this highly selective project. Individuals or couples who are currently experiencing an unexplained phenomenon – one that they ardently and passionately believe is otherworldly – are encouraged to apply. Each participant must have a credible story and be legitimately concerned and eager to engage and encourage these paranormal occurrences.


To apply, please email Casting Directors: Include the following: name, age, occupation, a brief description of yourself and your story, how long this has been happening, any explanation you have (if any), a photo, and your contact information.


You may also apply online at


and you may learn more at


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