Haunted Sallie House For Sale – For A Hefty Sum… $$


Ghosts are expensive, yo.

At least the ones at 508 N. 2nd St. in Atchison, Kansas, are.

The home, which is listed for sale on Zillow, is a rather unassuming 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, painted brick house – that also has a reputation for being one of the most haunted homes in the U.S.

And the owner’s asking price of a cool $1,000,000 is approximately 15 times the estimated retail value of the property.

Built in 1867 and nicknamed “The Sallie House” due to reports of a haunting by a little girl ghost named Sallie, the home first came to national attention in 1993 as the focus of an episode of the paranormal news television show Sightings. The episode, titled “The Heartland Ghost,” focused on claims of paranormal activity by then-owners Tony and Debra Pickman, who lived in the house with their newborn son from 1992-1994. The Pickmans reported a number of strange and frightening phenomena ranging from hanging pictures turning upside down, to toys being mysteriously moved, to physical “attacks” on the husband by an unseen force.

Since 2004, the home has been mostly unoccupied and has been open to those wishing to investigate for themselves the reports of paranormal activity – for a fee of $400 a night. Many who have investigated the home have continued to report paranormal activity, and some have even speculated that the haunting of the house may be demonic in nature.  In 2015, the house was featured on an episode of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures television series, during which the Pickmans accompanied the crew to the home – and which seemed to result in Tony Pickman once again being attacked by an unseen force.

At the time of publication of this article, The Sallie House listing, which boasts the sale as a “once in a lifetime opportunity,” has been viewed over 25,000 times.

So tell us – would YOU buy the Sallie House and if so, how much would you pay?



12 thoughts on “Haunted Sallie House For Sale – For A Hefty Sum… $$

  1. If I had that kind of money, I would have loved to buy the Sallie house. I think it’s well overpriced!
    I’m a natural born Spirit/psychic medium and healer so It wouldn’t bother me living in a haunted house. Watched ‘Paranormal Witness’ recently on Pick Tv all about the ‘ Sallie House’. I’m Always quite surprised on those tv programmes. They think their house is haunted, maybe get a paranormal investigator in. They say ‘ yup’ you are haunted. Then the occupants flee their home. Why don’t they ever get a Priest, Medium or s Demonologist in to get rid of the entity so they can get their house back. I would fight for my home. Have had Entities of negative energy and demonic entities in our house in the past.


  2. Y’all are funny. A bunch of Internet tough talkers who wouldn’t be scared to live in that house, sure, whatever. The first time one of those demonic entities attacked any one of you, you’d be high tailing it out of there so fast it’d make your head spin.


  3. I wouldn’t pay that for it. I would have no problem living there. Don’t believe in that stuff. Would love to prove everyone wrong


  4. if i had the money i would buy the sallie house ive always been opened to the paranormal and ive always been interested on the sallie house


  5. Zak at Ghost Adventures should buy it and then tear it down like the other “Portal of He’ll” house


  6. Weird… if the house was really listed at $1,000,000, which is said to be 15 times the estimated value, if you do the math, the average value is a very scary number. After running comps in that area, the pricing information in the article is on point. $1,000,000 divided by 15 – Freak yourself out and solve the equation.


  7. Make me a deal saying i couldnt live there for a set time and if i and i will i get it for free at tha end of that time bout lets say i dont ill pay tha money owed if i i can or leave. I beat tha owner a open challenge that i can with out any doubts live there…
    I dont even care to have tha house,i just enjoy a challenge…
    1 month,2 months,6 dont care u set tha stage and ill move in,plus u can even still let people come to investigate…open chanllege


  8. If i had the money..Id buy it. My house is much worse, and that house would be much better then what we go though in our home!
    Id pay 80k though at the most.


    1. Well a thought is..have ghost adventures come out..show some of the happening on YouTube to get it recognition. Of a terribly hunted home..then bam!sell it for at leAse 3x more than it worth.. 🙂 U cud also make some side money on Airbnb renting out a room couch or hell the .Basement to ghost hunters…I know me and my fam wud Lov to meet up with families in haunted homes..we have some gear and take trips through out the year looking for haunted homes or hotels Ect. They can b hard to find or booked up..just a thought 4 u


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