The real-life spooky happenings on the set of The Conjuring 2 will freak you out…

Warner Brothers‘ upcoming horror film The Conjuring 2 was shot on a haunted sound stage – and some spooky events that happened during filming may support this claim. This according to reports from journalists who visited the set and were given access to tour the reportedly haunted Stage 4.

Eerie phenomena had previously been reported on the sets of both the James Wan-directed The Conjuring – which was based on a real-life case file of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren – and its spinoff film, Annabelle. The unexplained occurrences apparently spooked out the cast and crew so much that a Catholic priest was enlisted to bless the set before filming began on the anticipated sequel, The Conjuring 2, which is based on yet another of the Warrens’ case files.

The priests’ blessing apparently didn’t stop weird things from happening during the filming of the new movie, however.

Camilla Jackson from Shock Till You Drop reports a story shared with the visiting journalists about Leigh Whannell (Insidious) coming to The Conjuring 2 set to visit his friend (and frequent collaborator) Director James Wan. While on the set, some photos Leigh had taken during the Insidious shoot mysteriously showed up on Leigh’s iPad and he was unable to get them off.

Jackson also noted reports of “drilling and hammering underneath the stage where no one was working.”

Jimmy O of JoBlo reports that unit publicist James Ferrera told the journalists that a member of Warner Brother’s security team, Johnny Matook – who also moonlights as a real life ghost hunter – confirmed that Stage 4 is one of the most notoriously haunted stages on the lot, and that his experience has led him to believe that the ghosts are former Warner Brother’s employees.

Jimmy also interviewed Vera Farmiga, who plays Lorraine Warren in both The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2, about her personal beliefs in the supernatural. After explaining that she believes in “negative mysticism and positive mysticism” she went on to share two creepy stories with the reporter. The first being that immediately after getting off a phone call with James Wan upon accepting her role in The Conjuring, she opened up her laptop computer “and there were three digital claw marks from the right to lower left” of the screen. Additionally, the Farmiga shared that the day she finished The Conjuring she returned home and “had woken up to three claw mark bruises across my side.”

Farmiga then showed photos of the scratches to Jimmy O, who called them “creepy.”

Eric Eisenberg from Cinemablend says that while he didn’t experience any paranormal phenomena himself during his visit to the set, there’s a part of him “that hopes James Wan discovered more than one or two strange things in the dailies while making The Conjuring 2.

We feel the same, Eric!

Check out the official trailer for The Conjuring 2:

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