Tim Burton Confirms Beetlejuice 2 is Happening – Or NOT?

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**Update: Ok so, maybe the Beetlejuice sequel is not happening – or at least not quite yet? The plot keeps thickening in this will-it-or-won’t-it guessing game regarding a much rumored sequel to the 1988 film. According The Independent, and backed up by folks at MTV and Nerdist, a rep for Tim Burton has now stated that the director did not in fact give a statement to ShowbizSpy stating that Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder were on board. The rep further added that the film is not in development. 

Hmm..all these conflicting reports are certainly strange and unusual. Maybe if we say the name enough times this movie will eventually just manifest!! Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…

**Earlier:  Everyone’s favorite “ghost with the most” is totally coming back – with the original stars.

Tim Burton has confirmed that not only is the Beetlejuice 2 movie happening, but that he will be directing it and both Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton are on board.

There’s been plenty of recent talk about a sequel to the 1988 cult classic, but this is apparently the first definitive confirmation from Burton that the project has been greenlit and that both Ryder and Keaton are reprising their roles.

Fans have been anxiously hoping for a sequel for years, but the anticipation and rumor mill heated up when Variety reported in 2013 that Burton and Keaton were in talks to return for a script penned by Seth Grahame Smith, who also penned the Tim Burton directed Dark Shadows as well as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

Then back in August of 2015, Winona Ryder had majorly hinted that the Beetlejuice sequel was set to be happening during an interview with Seth Myers, which she later backed down from.

Now finally addressing the rumors that have been flying around, Burton has told ShowbizSpy:

“The film is a go and has been approved by the Warner Bros. team, we have talked with the cast members we wanted for the film and they are all on board, this includes both Winona and Michael. We have the script in hand everything is in place all we need to do now is get ready to start filming.”

And we’re all over here like:

giphy (1)

Big questions remain: What of Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin? Will they return?

Davis has expressed interest, but so far no confirmation, although we would love to see her back.

Will update with any further news as it is released…

In the meantime, let’s all dance along to this scene featuring the great Catherine O’Hara from the original classic:








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