Comedic ‘Ghost Brothers’ are Coming to Destination America (Sneak Peek)

Destination America
Ghost Brothers, Dalen, Juwan and Marcus.

There’s a new team of paranormal investigators here to answer two questions about ghost hunting: 1.) Are ghosts for real? and 2.) Why is everybody white?

Such are the first lines from the new preview clip of Destination America‘s upcoming unscripted paranormal series, “Ghost Brothers,” which is set to premiere on Friday, April 15th, and which will, according to the network, feature the first African-American paranormal investigation team on television.

The series stars Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey, three best friends who are on a mission to uncover whether some unique, legendary “haunted” houses are the real deal. Raised in religious households, Dalen, Juwan and Marcus were taught that “messing” with the dead is dangerous business, but some unexplained experiences of their own piqued their intense fascination, ultimately driving them to find out firsthand just how spooky the supernatural can be.

Judging from the clip, which shows the first two minutes of the first episode, the series looks to be not only spooky, but funny.

Destination America describes the “Ghost Brothers” team as “charismatic characters that have a funny and unique take on the spirit world.”

“Dalen, Juwan and Marcus’ personalities shine through in ‘Ghost Brothers,’ wearing their emotions on their sleeves in an incredibly relatable way during all of the fear, thrills and chills of investigating things that go bump in the night.”

“We’re excited to join the Destination America family and prove that there can be a little humor in the unknown,” said Dalen Spratt. “But the best part about ‘Ghost Brothers’ is that THIS time, the black guys make it out of the haunted house alive!”


“Ghost Brothers” is produced by Pilgrim Media Group, the same company behind SyFy’s long running (and mostly white) mega-hit, “Ghost Hunters.”

Have a look at the first two minutes of “Ghost Brothers”:


2 thoughts on “Comedic ‘Ghost Brothers’ are Coming to Destination America (Sneak Peek)

  1. These guys are IDIOTS! They are terrible Comedians and there talents for REAL Paranormal Investigating is NON EXISTENT! Get them OFF the AIR and let the PROS have there time slots!


  2. These guys are IDIOTS! They do NOT take the Paranormal seriously enough. In there attempts to present themselves as “REAL Paranormal Experts” They actually diminish there creditability. They have turned the paranormal into a “Black Thing” and don’t really attempt to do anything but try to Out Preform each other. Hardly comedy and so far from professional that it makes me wonder “Why are they on TV”? PLEASE, Make them GO AWAY!


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