18 Terrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes to Fuel Your Nightmares

These days, Halloween costumes tend to run more toward the “sexy construction worker” variety, but back in the “old-timey” days, life was a lot creepier to say the least. Check out these 18 terrifying vintage costumes to get you into the scary spirit of the season.

  1. Oh my god. Just oh my god. There are too many creepy things happening in this photo.


2. Not sure what’s happening here but I definitely don’t trust the one on the end.

3. No one is going to be stealing these kids’ candy, that’s for sure.


4. These two at the foot of your bed would be the last thing you ever see.


5. Nightmare fuel for days…

6.Are these meant to be ghosts, skulls, Klan members or Hershey’s Kisses? I’m having nightmares about it either way.

7. The laughter of this child is the last thing you’ll see before you die.

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8. Who knew owls could be so horrifying?

9. One surefire way to make a bear costume more terrifying is to add a live baby to it.

10. The one in the middle tho…

11. Holy hellfire.

12. Oh hell no…


13. Oh you know, just standing alone at the end of an empty hallway, waiting to feed…

14. Sitting on his lap would for sure be the last thing you ever do…


15. This one’s gonna haunt me for awhile…

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16. Cat, you in danger girl…

17. “Raggedy Ann Leatherface” is the stuff of nightmares. 


18. No. Just no.