The scariest movies added to Netflix in January

Netflix has added a variety of movies in the month of January. Here are the scariest.

The Shining (1980), dir. Stanley Kubrick


There aren’t many films¬†more terrifying¬†than Stanley Kubrick‘s unforgettable adaptation of Stephen King’s novel¬†about an isolated haunted hotel, a psychic¬†boy, and a family man’s descent into madness. And now that The Shining is on Netflix, we can all¬†sit comfortably on our¬†couches and stream it forever – and ever and ever and ever. Or at least until it’s not on Netflix anymore.

Sinister (2012), dir. Scott Derrickson

A¬†true crime novelist (Ethan Hawke) moves into a new house with his family, where he discovers a box¬†of disturbing home videos that lead him down a terrifying¬†rabbit-hole. Sinister is dark, eerie, twisted and gruesome and features a memorable (and scary) villain. What’s not to like?

It Follows (2014), dir. David Robert Mitchell

A teenage girl is followed by a supernatural entity after a sexual encounter with a stranger. The only way to get rid of it is to pass it on. It Follows¬†isn’t your run-of-the-mill, jump scare kind of horror movie. It’s¬†a¬†strange, unsettling¬†film that uniquely harnesses the¬†horror of¬†inescapable dread.¬†While it’s¬†been widely praised by critics (97% at Rotten Tomatoes), general¬†audiences seem to mostly either¬†love it or hate it. I’m in the “love it” camp. Like the mysterious¬†curse at work within the story,¬†It Follows¬†slowly but terrifyingly creeps on you, following you¬†around even¬†after the movie ends.

Under the Shadow (2016), dir. Babak Anvari

This Persian-language film¬†was¬†submitted by Britain¬†as its foreign-language Oscar entry for 2016 – a relatively rare honor for a horror movie. While it didn’t make the final list of nominees, it’s still a great (and spooky) movie. Set in 1980’s Tehran,¬†the film¬†centers around¬†the anxieties of a mother living in a repressive, war-torn¬†society¬†‚Äď anxieties¬†which culminate in a haunting by¬†a powerful and terrifying Djinn.¬†Under the Shadow has aptly drawn comparisons to both¬†The Babadook and Poltergeist.¬†The tension and dread build over time, and when the scares arrive, they are both surprisingly inventive and incredibly chilling. I liked Under the Shadow¬†enough to give it the #1 spot on my “Best Horror Movies of 2016” list.

Clinical (2017), dir. Alistair LeGrand

A psychiatrist (Vinessa Shaw) experiences a traumatic event involving one of her patients. Later,¬†against the advice of her own psychiatrist (William Eitherton), she decides to accept a new patient with his own traumatic past and things get creepy from there. Clinical is a new “Netflix Original Movie,” and one of only a few¬†original films they’ve released so far that sort of fit in the “horror” category (I am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House¬†and Spectral being the others). What¬†Clinical lacks in terms of overall slickness and cohesiveness (there¬†a couple of unintentionally laughable moments),¬†it makes up for with an¬†intriguing (and disturbing) plot and decent level of suspense.¬†Sometimes, that’s all you¬†really need. If you’re into psychological-thrillers and are looking for something new – maybe on a Wednesday night, with a glass of wine or two, give¬†Clinical a chance.


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