Eli Roth to produce ‘1974’ film about the “Amityville Horror” murders

Eli Roth is attached to produce a new thriller for Broad Green Pictures about the real-life tragedy that spawned The Amityville Horror novel and subsequent films.

According to Deadline, 1974 will be based on a script by Casey La Scala (who is also set to direct) and was inspired by the factual case of Ronald DeFeo Jr., who was convicted of brutally murdering his parents and four siblings at 108 Ocean Ave, in Amityville, Long Island while they slept. It was reported that during his trial, DeFeo claimed that voices in the house had prompted him to kill. The house was subsequently purchased by George and Kathleen Lutz, who claimed to have experienced such terrifying paranormal activity at the home that they were forced to move out. Their story was immortalized in Jay Anson’s book, The Amityville Horror, and its subsequent film adaptation.

As with The Amityville Horror, it appears that 1974‘s story will be paranormally focused. According to Variety:

Broad Green said its project is inspired by true events and recounts the fateful story of one family that’s “relentlessly stalked by a terrifying apparition intent upon slaughtering them all.”

In addition to Eli Roth, Todd Garner will also produce. The project is expected to start filming  around September.

Meanwhile, Broad Green Pictures latest film, the horror-thriller Wish Upon, opens Friday.

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