Haunted Los Angeles Map

An ongoing work in progress map of reportedly haunted places within the greater Los Angeles area and surrounds. If you know of a haunted Los Angeles location not already included in this map, feel free to email us any information:losangelesparanormal@gmail.com

18 thoughts on “Haunted Los Angeles Map

  1. House I grew up in! I’d like to write a book about it but I not a writer, the whole family had experiences, sightings of a little boy, bad dreams among us three girls about a woman in black, objects moved or lost and then found, appearance of blood on steps and walkway (seasonal), sightings of a woman in attic with no access but a trap door, we saw her watching us play and a closet door that wouldn’t stay shut. Oh and I forgot, the sobs of a woman. BELVEDERE area on Townsend St. If u want more info plz contact me. Nani


    • hey I’m vivian, I live on Townsend Ave..I came across ur comment and I’m curious to know your story please get back at me when u have a chance thanxx..


  2. Check out Belvedere Middle School areas of paranormal activity are as followed, auditorium the piano plays buy itself with no one around, N-Build 1st floor and the library, including the third floor, doors open and close, and shake violently in the late hours. Also aperitions have been spotted in outside floating from the cafeteria all the way to the N-Build. Also voices of lil kids are heard in the main build 2nd and 3rd floor furniture from up above the second floor are hurd banging and dragging in rooms 303 305.


  3. Have taken two recent investigations lately.One at the La Purisima mission in lompoc,ca.the other aboard the queen mary a few weeks ago.Both were a blast and we got many results and data.recommend both locations.


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  8. Do you guys have any tours of the Linda Vista Hospital or know of anybody who offers? I’d really appreciate it, thank you


  9. Hello back in the late 80’s i was a student nurse at Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights. My class and i had clinicals in the evenings, that place gave me the creeps. i never wanted to be alone going down particular hallways or corridors. since then i have seen Linda Vista on TV on several shows had no idea it was considered haunted. now i understand why. I would sure love the opprotunity to go back and do some ghost hunting. thanks


    • Linda Vista looks so creepy from the outside. It is now being torn down to build apts. Think Senior living apts. Wouldnt want to live there!! Even if rent was cheep and apt came furnished


      • I was just there last week while I was in Los Angeles. Yes, they are working on it and it is fenced in with “No Tresspassing” signs. I don’t think they are tearing it down as you say, more of refurbishing. Didn’t get any vibes on the outside during the day, but I would love to go inside it!


      • My husband is working on the renovation here while inside the hospital he took a pic of a hallway you can see pretty clearly the figure of a person super freaky and awsome if i knew how i would post the pics .


    • I just did a tour of Linda vista last night and it was soooooo amazing….. if you find out when another tour is please let me know.. P:)


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