Return to Alcatraz: A Night on The Rock

Los Angeles Paranormal returned to Alcatraz in mid-September to participate in an event that few have the opportunity to experience – an overnight investigation of the infamous former penitentiary. Yes, we spent the night on The Rock! Special thanks to Mark and Debby Constantino for allowing us to tag along, and also to the crew from Altered States Paranormal Radio (Dave Harvey, Kristin Baalman and Tom Durant). Thanks also to comic Mike Brody and to Terry Campbell of the Haunted Wolfe Manor for joining us during part of the investigation, which led to the capture of some really cool EVPs. … Continue reading Return to Alcatraz: A Night on The Rock

The Ghost Hunter’s Dilemma

Anyone who considers herself a paranormal investigator–that is, anyone committed enough to spend the entire night in cold, dark and often disturbing buildings/ships/homes/hospitals, knows one fact above all else: whatever we find, or whatever finds us, is frustratingly vague. We catch snippets of voices on digital recorders, but we often do not hear the same words; we find anomalies in photographs, but someone usually offers a natural explanation; we see spikes or sharp drops in temperature, or watch the EMF meter light up like a Christmas tree, but we really don’t know what it means. Interpretation of such oddities is … Continue reading The Ghost Hunter’s Dilemma