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Mission Inn, Riverside CA: Faces of the Past?

The Mission Inn in Riverside California is a magnificent Mission-Revival style hotel spanning an entire city block. The hotel began in 1876 as Christopher Columbus Miller's family adobe and was built up over the years by Christopher's son, Frank Miller. The hotel is on the National Registry of Historic Places, and is an architectural marvel, ...


The Ghost Hunter’s Dilemma

Anyone who considers herself a paranormal investigator--that is, anyone committed enough to spend the entire night in cold, dark and often disturbing buildings/ships/homes/hospitals, knows one fact above all else: whatever we find, or whatever finds us, is frustratingly vague. We catch snippets of voices on digital recorders, but we often do not hear the same ...


The Spirits of the Pierpont Inn: 100 Years of Hauntings?

The Pierpont Inn was built in 1910 as a respite for travelers along the 101. The Inn was Josephine Pierpont's inspiration, and some say she still inhabits the Inn she loved so much. Other suspected spirits-in-residence include Mrs. Mattie Gleichman, who ran the Pierpont for 70 years, and Emma Darling, a former guest. The property ...