Outdoor Movie Night! See Friday 13th on Friday the 13th, presented by The Great Horror Campout


Attention horror movie fans, fanatics and scare lovers of Los Angeles. It’s time to head to Camp Crystal Lake!! Our friends at the Great Horror Campout and Ten Thirty-One productions (the dementedly awesome minds behind the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride) are hosting a movie night under the stars at the Griffith Park Old L.A. Zoo on Friday, March 13th, 2015 with a screening of… yes… “Friday the 13th”! Given that this screening is hosted by the “Camp Headmaster” of the Great Horror Campout, there are sure to be some surprises on hand…and a little something extra breathing in the woods around you that night. You can also expect pre-movie festivities, prizes, great characters and merch on hand.

The tickets for the screening are $13, and all ticket proceeds will benefit Los Angeles Parks Foundation. As an added bonus, Great Horror Campout will give you $13 off your ticket to their June Campout in Los Angeles when you buy your Great Horror Campout ticket by Friday the 13th and use PROMO CODE: Friday. Finally, wear green to the screening in honor of St. Patrick’s day for a chance to win some free merch!

Not surprisingly, tickets for the Friday the 13th movie screening under the stars are already going quickly…

Get Tickets Now while still available at: http://www.greathorrorcampout.com/friday-the-13th/

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