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The Willows – An Immersive Theater Review

What exactly is The Willows?  Is it a haunt?  No, not really.  Is it an escape room? No, you will not escape unless the members of the Willows family allow you to escape.  Is it a play?  Close.  Brought to you by JFI Productions (CreepLA), The Willows is an interactive theater experience, which means that the ...

Scream Queens Is At It Again

Welcome to mediocre hell, bitches!

To Free or Not to Free – That is the Question

We all know about the horrific killings that took place at the hands of the Manson Family back in the summer of 1969. They are considered to be the most famous murders in America’s history, so how could we not know? We know that Charles Manson had a cult of both women and men, and even though he did not participate in the killings himself, he sent his minions out to do his dirty work for him. These murders happened almost 50 years ago, so why are we talking about it today?

What is Dead May Never Die

HBO just (finally) released a full trailer for the new season of Game of Thrones and the entire internet is going crazy! We are huge GoT fans, so here are our very detailed (and possibly obsessive/psychotic) opinions on what this new trailer gives us a glimpse of.

Escape From Los Angeles Part 2 – Cross Roads Escape Games

The premise of this room is that you (and your friends) are stuck in a horror movie. Do you have what it takes to survive?