Category: Weird News

People are now paying to be injected with ‘young blood’

Move over, Dracula...there's some new blood in town.

Azealia Banks Posts Nightmarish Video of Her Sacrificial Witchcraft Closet

The controversial rapper has apparently been sacrificing chickens in her home for at least 3 years.

Airbnb Offers Overnight Stay at Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania

The accommodations include velvet-trimmed coffins for sleeping.

‘Ghost ship’ spotted on Lake Superior video

Is this is a crew of ghostly pirates or an optical illusion?

‘Misery’ fan pulls a Kathy Bates and flips out at Barnes and Noble.

Someone give this woman an Oscar for her Stephen King / Misery / Kathy Bates inspired prank in which she goes Annie Wilkes on a Barnes and Noble clerk.

Winchester Mystery House to Offer Spooky New Candlelight Tours.

One of America's most legendary haunted mansions is offering a ghostly new nighttime tour this Halloween season - one that is sure to appeal to the paranormally inclined amongst you.

Watch Jon Heder and Justin Long bust ghosts in ‘Ghost Team.’

If you've ever joined or considered joining a ghost hunting team, you're not alone - Jon Heder and Justin Long have too - in their newest roles in the upcoming GHOST TEAM movie.

New Yorkers: Now’s Your Chance to Smell the Corpse Flower!

The New York Botanical Garden's "corpse flower" is currently blooming, but if you want to catch a whiff of the deathly odor, you'll have to act fast... The Amorphophallus titanum plant is known for the pungent fragrance it releases that is reminiscent of rotting flesh, hence the nickname - "corpse flower." The corpse flower plant, which is native to ...