Mysterious flying object caught on tape by US Navy pilots in new footage released by Pentagon

Holy sh*t you guys.

Just this weekend, surprising new reports in The New York Times and Politico shed light on a secretly funded Pentagon program to investigate UFOs. The multi-million dollar Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was initiated by Senator Harry Reid in 2009 with the goal of investigating reports and accounts by military pilots and others of unexplained phenomena.

Now, The US Department of Defense has released pretty intriguing video evidence of one of their findings.

This video, captured in 2004 by US Naval pilots of the coast of San Diego, shows a mysterious, unidentified flying object rotating and maneuvering in unusual ways as it speeds through the sky.  The audio reveals that the stunned pilots saw “a fleet of them” and that they were “all going against the wind,” which was blowing at approximately “120” knots.

The video is pretty compelling, but it will be interesting to see if anyone can determine what it is the pilots were actually seeing.

Could this all just be a really intense viral marketing campaign for the new The X-Files or are aliens here and walking amongst us already?

One thing we know for sure — the truth is out there.

What do you think the pilots were seeing? Let us know in the comments below!


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