‘The Shining’ Pop-Up Bar to open in Chicago

‘Room 237’ will feature cocktails and ambience inspired by the classic horror film.

Heeeere’s… some good news! If you’ve been “all work and no play” and you’re in the mood for some “RedRum” (and you plan to be in Chicago between January 20th and February 10th), then you are in luck, because Room 237 – a pop-up bar dedicated to all things The Shining – is set to open this Saturday at the The Rookery gastropub.

They’ll be serving up Shining-themed drinks such as “The Caretaker,” “The Grady Twins,” the “BJ & The Bear” (hey-o), and, yes, the “RedRum.” Room 237 will also feature character actors, themed music/performances and decor, and even Stephen King trivia nights. It’s enough to make you say, “Wendy, I’m home.”

For more details on ‘Room 237’ visit:

The Rookery





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