Creepy Collectors Rejoice: An Illuminated Amityville Horror House Replica Can Now Be Yours…

amityville 2
via The Bradford Exchange

What could be more delightful than a handcrafted miniature replica of the Amityville Horror House?

Now, thanks to The Bradford Exchange’s America’s Most Haunted Illuminated Village Collection,” a warmly glowing light-up resin sculpture of the Long Island home where Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed six members of his family then blamed it on the influence of ghosts can be yours.

Made famous by The Amityville Horror book and subsequent movie adaptations, the Dutch Colonial-style house at 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, is frightening not only for the horrific murders that occurred there in 1974, but also for the fact that DeFeo said he was influenced by the ghosts in the house to do so. The next owners of the home, George and Kathleen Lutz, moved in with their family a year later – but lived in the home for only 28 days, during which they reported being terrorized by evil forces that forced them to abandon the house in fear.

via The Bradford Exchange

Now, a softly glowing hand-painted miniature replica of “chilling detail” can be yours, along with a “printed newspaper card detailing the events that took place there and what is thought to haunt the space.” Each sculpture “features a wealth of detailing like the ghoulish apparitions that are seen peering out from their windows,” and additionally “will illuminate with an eerie glow to add devilish delight.”


4 thoughts on “Creepy Collectors Rejoice: An Illuminated Amityville Horror House Replica Can Now Be Yours…

  1. I would like to purchase this amityville house . How can I order this online if available. I come from the Uk . How much it would cost to send it


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