Tag: Haunted Places

Check out this possible portal to hell courtesy of Google Maps.

At first glance, the Brazilian street of "R. Pref. Osmar Cunha," in the State of Santa Catarina seems like any other normal street. But, as reported by The Sun, a Reddit user recently discovered via Google Street View that there is actually something intensely freaky going on.

Ghosts of Hollywood Past: Hollywood’s Haunted American Legion.

If you happen to be interested in Hollywood history, glamour and an old-fashioned ghost story or two, then the Hollywood American Legion is worth a closer look.

UCLA is Haunted…

The UCLA campus has been the site of some ghostly goings-on...

Creepy Collectors Rejoice: An Illuminated Amityville Horror House Replica Can Now Be Yours…

What could be more delightful than a handcrafted miniature replica of The Amityville Horror House?

The real-life spooky happenings on the set of The Conjuring 2 will freak you out…

Warner Brother’s upcoming horror film The Conjuring 2 was shot on a haunted sound stage - and some spooky events that happened during filming may support this claim.

Haunted Sallie House For Sale – For A Hefty Sum… $$

Ghosts are expensive, yo. At least the ones at 508 N. 2nd St. in Atchison, Kansas, are.

Lincoln Heights Jail: A brief history of LA’s haunted jail.

The historic Lincoln Heights jail was opened in 1931 on the site of the old East Side Police station and jail. The new, Art Deco -style building was intended to house just over 600 prisoners. By the early 1950's, however, the overcrowded jail held as many as 2800 inmates, which prompted an expansion of the facility in 1951. ...

Point Sur Lighthouse Investigation

The Point Sur Lighthouse in Big Sur California was built in 1889 and is said to be haunted by the ghosts of both shipwreck victims and lightkeepers past...


The long-time running haunted theme park attraction is back again this year with ten original mazes, two live shows and three scare zones. New mazes DEAD of WINTER and PARANORMAL INC.


QUEEN MARY’S DARK HARBOR returns for another season of Halloween screams, featuring six mazes, 200 monsters led by the RINGMASTER, and live entertainment.