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The UCLA campus has been the site of some ghostly goings-on. This according to a 6-part student-made short video series called “Haunted UCLA.”

Produced in 2014-2015 by UCLA’s Studio 22, the series chronicles reports of on-campus paranormal activity by faculty, staff and students, including a number of strange occurrences at the Westwood-based campus’ Sound Stage 3, which is part of the UCLA School of Film and Television. Also featured are weird and unexplained experiences at Schoenberg Hall – the main concert venue for UCLA’s School of Music – and Gardenia Hall, a campus residence hall.

The UCLA campus is no stranger to paranormal activity – back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, the late professor of psychology Dr. Thelma Moss headed up the UCLA Parapsychology Lab – a scientific lab dedicated to the exploration of ESP, remote viewing and paranormal phenomena. For 10 years, the lab “conducted scientific experiments in clairvoyance, telepathy and haunted houses.

Dr. Barry Taff was a research assistant at the Parapsychology Lab, and the series dedicates two episodes to Dr. Taff, and to delving into a deeper understanding of parapsychology and of the paranormal.

Also featured in the series is a resident student paranormal investigator, JonJon Junpradub who investigates the campus on camera and offers some practical ghost-hunting tips.

You can check out the full “Haunted UCLA” series on YouTube here:

Chime in, Bruins! Have you experienced any paranormal activity on campus?

3 thoughts on “UCLA is Haunted…

  1. Hello, fellow Bruins! Thank you so much for this! Where is the former location of the parapsychology lab? Was Rosalyn Bruyere part of that program?


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