What is Dead May Never Die


HBO just (finally) released a full trailer for the new season of Game of Thrones and the entire internet is going crazy!  We are huge GoT fans, so here are our very detailed (and possibly obsessive/psychotic) opinions on what this new trailer gives us a glimpse of.




SPOILERS AHEAD, obviously.



“He’s gone.” – Davos Seaworth

The trailer starts off by showing again – for the billionth time – that Jon Snow is dead.  Come on, HBO, we get it!  He’s dead.  They continue to show us his dead body several times in the trailer – but as any real GoT fan knows – being dead does not always equal staying dead.  He’s totally coming back to life.  He has to.  …Right?



Next we see a Dornish ship heading towards King’s Landing and we can assume that it is carrying Jaime Lannister, Bronn and a very dead Myrcella Baratheon.



“We’re the only ones who matter.  Everything they’ve taken from us, we’re going to take back – and more.” – Jaime Lannister



After losing two of her three children and going through what she had to endure last season, I think we can assume that we are going to get to witness Cersei at her very best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) this season.  She’s back with a vengeance!  I do miss her hair though.



Davos, is that you?  This is pure speculation, but he appears to be standing on a hill, looking down at something….and by the way the plants on the left side of the image are illuminated, can we assume that he is maybe looking down at a fire?  Maybe the burning of Jon Snow’s body so he won’t come back as a white walker?  Or maybe, are we watching Davos watching Melisandre bring Jon Snow back from the dead with her fire magick?  I’m obviously still in denial over this so-called death.



Ugh, these two are always up to no good.  I assume Ramsay is upset that he just lost his wife, his mistress, and his plaything all in one day.  Long live Theon!



Did he just look straight at the camera?  #chills  What are you up to, Ramsay?



Oh….that’s what you’re up to.  Wait….STANNIS, IS THAT YOU?



“The great victory I saw in the flames – all of it was a lie” – Melisandre

Yeah…ya think?  Now, do something good and bring Jon Snow back so we can all stop hating you for what you did last season.  #RIPShireen



I honestly think one of the things I’m looking forward to most this season is the eventual bromance between Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis.  I will now refer to them as #Jaario



Surely, they’ll become friends on their quest to find Dany – or, Jorah will throw Daario to the Dothraki’s as soon as the opportunity arises.



How was Jorah able to find Dany’s ring in all that grass?  o_O  This is so not real life!



Don’t let the greyscale get you down, bro – you can do it!  Go save her!



Now we see Dany, and this time she’s walking beside the Dothraki like a prisoner and not riding on top of a horse like she was when she was a Khaleesi.  Being back in the land of the Dothraki does not look good for Dany.  Surely Drogon wouldn’t let anything happen to her, but as he’s nowhere to be found…..who knows.



Yep – she knows where she is.  She’s scared – as she should be.



“Every one of us is poor and powerless, yet we can overthrow an empire.” – High Sparrow



And this is the moment where all of the book readers get even more excited.  For those that only watch the show and have never read the books, this looks to be a scene from the Iron Islands (see the flags?).  We can’t tell exactly what they’re doing from this shot, but there were several chapters in the books that were dedicated to the Greyjoys that the show watchers never got to see.  Could this be the reveal of a new power player?  If so, it’s about time.  😉  #kingsmoot



Yes, Sansa!  So glad she survived that jump!  She looks to be safe inside somewhere and is wearing black fur – is it possible that she makes it to the Wall?  If Jon Snow is indeed actually dead, then this would be perfect Stark timing, as none of them are ever going to reunite.  *sigh*



“We’re in the great game now – and the great game is terrifying.” – Tyrion Lannister






“Order your man to step aside or there will be violence.” – Lancel Lannister



Ser Gregor Clegane and those dead eyes – I wouldn’t want to go up against him!  #ohshit



“I choose violence.” – Cersei Lannister

YES CERSEI!!!  So do we…..SO DO WE!!!  #byeLancel #Lancelisdead



Who is this?!  It’s so hard to tell, as it’s such a quick shot….but could this be a young Ned Stark?  I cheated and looked on the IMDB page and “Young Eddard Stark” IS listed in the credits for the first episode, so….maaaaaaaybe!  Maybe we will finally get to see that flashback scene with the death of his sister, Lyanna and the *double spoiler alert* rumored birth of Jon Snow!



Now someone is trying to break down a door.  Who is it?  Any guesses?  To me, the guy on the left looks like the Night Watch’s own Alliser Thorne.  Perhaps Jon Snow is in that room and he’s breaking down the door to stop whatever ritual Melisandre and/or Davos are performing.


Tommen has such a dramatic walk here…I wonder where he gets it…



There it is.  Cersei walks like she’s on a mission to kill someone – and with The Zombie Mountain behind her, maybe she is!  She’s going on a warpath this season and I CAN’T WAIT!



I don’t know whose horses these are!  WHOSE HORSES ARE THESE?



I don’t know whose boats these are!  WHOSE BOATS ARE THESE? Also – I have to say that I’m super proud of myself for pausing the video right when the lightning hit, ok?



Arya got punched by that wannabe faceless chick at the House of Black and White.  That looked painful.  :/  And it’s not like she saw it coming…



I hate you, Littlefinger.  Did you come back to get Sansa and find out that you were too late?  Maybe we’ll get REALLY lucky and the Boltons will flay this asshole.



Looks like Margaery hasn’t confessed yet, as she’s still locked up.  Totally speculation, but I don’t think she’s going to survive this season.






Lots of arrows, but who are they shooting at?



Is this an explosion??  Did someone just blow up Meereen?



Theon, is that you?  YAY Theon!!



New character alert!  #ironborn



And the new character gets dunked.  #greyjoy



Cersei is now a vampire and she’s ready for some twincest!  Get it gurl!



I don’t know who this guy is…



…But Brienne just killed him!  Brienne is going to kill everyone and rule Westeros as a God.



Ok Melisandre, stop looking into the fire and save Jon Snow already!  Hopefully, that’s what the fire is telling her to do.  This is what every GoT fan is waiting for…the resurrection of Jon Snow.  Including this otherwise meaningless shot into the season trailer may just be a hint that we’re all going to get what we want!



Ah, the room with all the creepy faces.  Since this room was the focus of the previous teaser (and all of those creepy posters), I assume it’s going to play a big part in this season.  Let’s just hope we don’t see *too* many of the faces we love in here.



Ok, does taking your clothes off somehow mean you’re going to save Jon Snow?



We get it, he’s dead.  Again.



Ok, who is this guy and WHY is he jumping off a roof??  Wait….is that Arya?  How can she see where to land???



Looks like there’s going to be at least one big battle this season.  It’s hard to tell who the group on the right is (maybe they’re from the Iron Islands?), but the army on the left is definitely the Bolton army, as they have the Bolton flayed man sigil on their shields.  I guess this means those darn Boltons are going to be around for a while.



Speaking of the Iron Born, Theon’s sister Yara is making out with a lady?



At first – I thought this was Theon.  But no, this is actually that new character I was talking about earlier.  Everyone, meet Euron Greyjoy.



Omggggggg yessssss THIS IS HAPPENING!  See that Targaryen sigil on that man’s armor?  We all know that the Targaryen monarchy is dead, so this MUST be a flashback – aka THE flashback that book readers have all been waiting for!  Could we finally see the biggest GoT theory coming to life before out very eyes?  R+L=J and if you don’t know what that means, it’s probably best NOT to google it unless you like being spoiled.



Interesting!  Here we have Tormund Giantsbane in some kind of battle – but is that the Bolton house sigil in the background?  Maybe it wasn’t the Iron Born the Boltons were fighting earlier…maybe it’s the Night’s Watch?  I guess Ramsay REALLY wants Sansa back…



Looks like GoT has claimed another casualty.  #RIPhorse



Hmm…maybe Margaery will survive this season after all!  #timetoconfess



I have no idea what’s going on here.  Seriously, no clue.



Same scene as before and I still have no idea who these people even are.



I really hope Arya isn’t blind ALL season.  This won’t last forever, right?



Is Zombie Mountain leading an army against the Sparrows?  Cersei DID choose violence, after all.



Sansa, who are you running from???



These Dothraki look angry.  I hope Dany’s safe!  Maybe they’re attacking Drogon as he tried to take her back – or maybe this is the end of Jaario.



Are these wildlings?  Who are they fighting?  I’m just going to assume that EVERYONE is fighting the Boltons at this point.



Bran!!  Long time, no see!  Glad to see you’re up and walking around!



Or not!  So either Bran is somehow miraculously un-paralyzed OR this is another one of his visions.  Still, it’s a little jarring to see the Night’s King standing RIGHT THERE.  I hope this vision isn’t a bad omen for Bran – or Hodor!



Ah, we are finally at the VERY LAST SCENE in the trailer, and it’s a good one!  Here, we see Davos grabbing Jon Snow’s Valyrian Steel sword, Longclaw.  But what is he doing with it?



He’s standing over Jon Snow’s dead body (WE GET IT, OK!).



“I’ve never been much of a fighter – apologies for what you’re about to see.” – Davos Seaworth


What are you doing with that sword??

Who are those men in the room with you??

We can see Jon Snow’s direwolf, Ghost, sitting next to his master’s corpse.  It looks like Davos is pointing the sword at Ghost.  One of the fan theories suggests that Jon Snow was somehow able to transfer his consciousness into Ghost and that Jon Snow lives on as a direwolf.  I dunno about that, but IF that theory is true, it could be that Davos is about to KILL GHOST to transfer Jon Snow back to his body.  However, since Davos specifically says he’s never been much of a fighter, he could be about to fight the mystery men for some reason.  Maybe they’re trying to burn Jon Snow’s corpse and instead, Davos is working WITH Melisandre to bring him back to life.  Or, maybe he’s just stealing the sword and he’s off to fight the white walkers.  *shrugs*



**It’s also interesting to note that (according to the cast list on IMDB), we are going to be seeing a few faces we haven’t seen since season THREE.  These were NOT featured in the trailer, but Art Parkinson and Natalia Tena (who play Rickon Stark and Osha) are listed as being in the first episode.  We haven’t seen them since they left Bran when he was heading for the wall.  Also, Tobias Menzies (who played Catelyn Stark’s brother Edmure Tully) is set to return…according to the credits, anyway.  We haven’t seen him since his wedding to Roslin Frey.  You remember that one, right?  :/  Sorry to bring up a sore subject…a lot of people still aren’t over the infamous Red Wedding.  Anyway, it looks like he’s back – along with David Bradley, who played Edmure’s new daddy in law, Walder Frey.  It’s been three seasons since we’ve seen these characters and I’m sure that whatever it is they’re up to these days will be worth the three season wait.  🙂  Or – maybe they’re not up to anything and those silly people over at HBO are just trolling us fans like they always do.


What do you guys think?  If you can identify any of the people/horses/boats/etc that I couldn’t figure out, please let me know!


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