Harry Potter’s Number 4 Privet Drive house is for sale.

The original Harry Potter filming location is on the market for £475,000.


Harry Potter fans know 4 Privet Drive – it’s the home where The Boy Who Lived was raised by the Dursley’s, where he was forced to sleep in The Cupboard under the Stairs, and where his acceptance letter to Hogwarts came flying out of the fireplace.


In the books and movies, 4 Privet Drive is located in Whinging, Surrey, but the real home used as the filming location is actually located in Bracknell, and it can now be yours for a mere £475,000 (approximately $619,000). While the Bracknell home was only featured in one movie, it was recreated as a set which was used in later films.

The interior of the house has been renovated, but it’s unclear whether a cupboard under the stairs still remains. The Daily Mail has all the details on the magical home here.

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