Azealia Banks Posts Nightmarish Video of Her Sacrificial Witchcraft Closet

The controversial rapper has apparently been sacrificing chickens in her home for at least 3 years.


When you think of “witches,” there are probably a variety of different images that come to mind, but perhaps a closet full of chicken blood and feathers isn’t the first. Well, that could change after reading this story.

Last week, rapper and human controversy machine  Azealia Banks revealed via  an Instagram video that she is a practicing bruja (witch) who has been keeping and (apparently) sacrificing an untold number of birds (presumably chickens) in her apartment closet for at least 3 years.

On December 30th, Banks posted the following video to her Instagram Stories. In it, she wears goggles as she prepares to clean up “3 year’s worth of brujería” (witchcraft). As she pans the camera around, she reveals what appears to be a closet filled with the horrifying remnants of an untold number of chicken(?) sacrifices(?), including feathers and a dark substance that looks like blood. “It’s about to go down,” she says, adding, “Real witches do real things,” before beginning to sandblast the floor.

An additional now-deleted image from her Instagram story, which is still visible at shows a hand-drawn skull with the caption,”Blood stains the wall.”

Banks first gained attention in 2011 with her song “212“, which has been featured on the HBO show Girls and films like The Heat, The Bling Ring and Pitch Perfect. In the years since, she’s been involved in numerous public feuds and was banned from Twitter.

Azealia Banks may not be on Twitter anymore, but that didn’t stop the folks there from reacting to the story:


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