The Backwoods Maze is a long running home haunt staged by Jeff and Tyler Gustafson in their backyard. Don’t be fooled by the moniker of “home haunt”, this isn’t your grandfather’s homemade haunt by a long shot.


The maze is set in a post apocalyptic world that is over run by eradiated freaks that want to do nothing more than scare you to death. The sets are gorgeous sets and the maze feels enormous due to some creative construction. The actors are top notch and best of all there are a lot of them. It truly feels like there is monster around every corner. This maze is a must see! Best of all, it’s free (but I suggest leaving a donation).


Scare Factor: 5 of 5

Open Fri, Sat, Sun 7-10pm thru Oct 31st.

Review by Phil Crain

Photos by @LA_Paranormal

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