Watch this supercut of all the visual movie references in ‘Stranger Things.’

Check this out Stranger Things fans! A Vimeo user has created a video supercut showing a side-by-side comparison between scenes from Netflix’ breakout new hit series and scenes from the 1970’s and 1980’s movies that it pays homage to.

Season 1 of the new Netflix original series, Stranger Things was just released on July 15th, but it’s already become the must-binge event of the summer, in no small part thanks to its ability to retro like no other show has ever retro’d before.


Taking what seems like endless visual, audio, and story cues from the sci-fi, horror and action-adventure properties (including books, tv shows and movies) that made growing up in the ’80’s awesome, Stranger Things is a rather brilliant mash-up straight out of our collective childhoods that is both a love letter to that period and something fresh at the same time. The fact that the series stars Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine only adds to the nostalgia factor. But exactly how many sources did the series creators draw from?


Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer (also known as ‘The Duffer Brothers’) have mentioned Stephen King, Steven Spielberg’s and John Carpenter as influences – there’s no denying E.T and Stand By Me or that Carpenter-esque synth score – but there are so many other influences and references in Stranger Things that it’s almost an easter egg hunt of its own to catch them all or figure them out.

Thankfully a French Vimeo user named Ulysse Thevenon took some time and created a handy supercut reference that is supercool to watch and, if you’ve already seen the show, will just further remind you of why you enjoyed it.

Two things of note: Thevenon’s supercut only shows movie references (there are clear comparisons that can be made to tv shows like The X-Files and Twin Peaks for example), and, certainly there are movies he misses (commenters have mentioned The Lost Boys, Evil Dead, The Breakfast Club and Altered States, and I’d throw in Donnie Darko (even though that was a 2001 film that was in and of itself a retro piece)).

Check out the supercut above and let us know – did you catch all these movie references when you watched the series? Did you find some that were missed? What other Stranger Things references or influences can you think of?

One thought on “Watch this supercut of all the visual movie references in ‘Stranger Things.’

  1. This was AWESOME.. But if I may add .. When Lucas fights with a slingshot , its reminiscent of Stephen King’s IT..


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