Unearth The Mummy Escape Game this Summer in Hollywood!

The arrival of THE MUMMY in theaters this summer marked the first film of Universal’s DARK UNIVERSE. While the response to the movie was mixed, I enjoyed the hell of it and can’t wait for 2019’s BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. If like me, the nearly two year gap between movies has you bummed out…fear not, you can experience the world of the Dark Universe by visiting THE MUMMY ESCAPE GAME in Hollywood this summer! Produced by world renowned escape game producer SCRAP in collaboration with UNIVERSAL BRAND DEVELOPMENT, The Mummy Escape Game promises “a one-of-a-kind ‘in-world’ fan experience that allows participants to step inside The Mummy and create their own memorable adventure.”

Not one to just take their word for it, the SCAREPOP crew recently ventured to HOLLYWOOD and HIGHLAND to take on The Mummy in hopes that we would live to tell the tale. You can assume that we survived the adventure or maybe my ghost wrote this review…


As we entered the escape room’s lobby nestled on the 3rd floor of the Hollywood and Highland complex, The Mummy trailer played and served as a primer to experience that awaited us inside. Donning the jacket of a newly recruited security guard, you find out quickly that your first day isn’t going to go as planned at the top secret monster hunting facility known as PRODIGIUM. The building has lost power you are thrust into a 60 minute race against time to restore power and keep its most deadly occupants locked in their cells. The biggest threat of course is the newly captured Ahmanet aka The Mummy. To make things even tougher, the facility’s main supervisor is out of the office and you’re left with only two of his lower level assistants with limited knowledge of PRODIGIUM’s security protocols. In addition to having to escape multiple rooms that have been locked down, you also must make you way to Ahmanet’s holding cell to keep her sedated by dosing her with mercury before she can regain her god-like powers. If you fail, it will certainly spell doom for PRODIGIUM and the world.

The Mummy Escape Game succeeds on many levels, but it’s biggest success is making you feel as if you are immersed in The Mummy and The Dark Universe. The impressive, film-accurate sets are accentuated by creative sound design and atmospheric lightning that heightens the experience. The room with Ahmanet’s sarcophagus was my personal favorite. The puzzles are challenging and mostly solved by assembling clues scattered throughout each environment. As in any escape room, teamwork is a must to solve the puzzles in an efficient manner. As you move deeper in the experience, the puzzles tend to get a little more ingenious, so definitely be ready to think outside of the box.

Overall, The Mummy Escape Game is escapist fun that does the Dark Universe proud. If you’re in the mood to “live” a summer blockbuster, definitely check out it and tell them SCAREPOP.COM sent you!

The Mummy Escape Game is now open in the Hollywood and Highland shopping complex.

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