Original ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Gas Station Now Serving BBQ

Road trip time!

The gas station that served as a filming location for the 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now serving up tasty roadside BBQ.

The Gas Station, located on just south of Bastrop, Texas (outside of Austin), was renovated and reopened to the public in 2016 with rustic cabin overnight accommodations and movie memorabilia, and now, according to a report from KVUE, they’re serving up popular Texas barbecue fare like brisket, chopped beef and sausages as well.

Horror fans will recall from Tobe Hooper‘s terrifying cult classic that the gas station was a central location that served “special” bbq to unassuming travelers who happened to land up in the vicinity of chainsaw-wielding Leatherface and his “eccentric” family.

Now, you can carve your own place in TCM history by chowing down on some BBQ of your own.


Information and bookings can be found at The Gas Station website.


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