Watch the cultish first trailer for ‘MidSommar,’ Ari Aster’s ‘Hereditary’ follow-up

The writer/director of Hereditary is back with a cult-centric new horror film.


Am I the only one who finds cults and the idea of them absolutely terrifying? Actually, at least one other person seems to – and that is Ari Aster, the writer-director of last year’s Hereditary and now of this year’s, MidSommar, which seems both very cult-focused and very creepy.

As described by Aster, MidSommar is a “Scandinavian folk horror” and it looks to explore the relationship and happenings around a young couple who visits a rural village in Sweden for a local summer festival, and find themselves in the midst of a pagan cult.

“It’s an apocalyptic breakup movie,” Aster told Film Comment, where he also hinted that the recent death of the main character’s parents casts a sense of dread over the proceedings.”

Hmm, recent death of a parent, creepy cult, paganism…sounds familiar? Similar plot points were used as the basis for the horror in Hereditary and it seems Aster isn’t done exploring these concepts quite yet which is super ok with me and also terrifying as hell.

Also, is the quick, breathy exhale sound from MidSommar the new ‘tongue click’ a la Hereditary? Also, take my money now!

MidSommar is being released by A24 this summer and stars Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper andWill Poulter.



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