Here’s Your (Last) Chance to Buy ‘THE BABADOOK’ Official Pop Up Book

Ba-ba-dook Book-book!

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Die-hard fans of The Babadook, assemble! Causeway Films, the production company behind Jennifer Kent‘s acclaimed 2014 horror hit, is releasing a 2nd-edition printing of the official Mister Babadook pop-up book as seen in the film – where, if you recall, it terrorized the hell out of  a grieving widow and her son.

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For a cool $100 (including shipping from Australia), you too can welcome Mister Babadook into your home,  where you can, oh I don’t know, do some late night dook-dook-dooking or what have you. But here’s the catch — they’ll only print this 2nd edition if they get 2,500 orders by September 1st, after which time no further orders will be accepted. So tell all your Babadook lovin’ friends to get in on this deal, because this 2nd edition will be the last printing ever made. That’s right – if you missed out on the limited 1st edition printing, this 2nd-edition printing is now your FINAL and only chance to get your hands on this unique merchandise.

Check here for all the details and if you do order one (as I have done), no guarantees you’ll be able to get rid of it… because remember – if it’s in a word, or it’s in a look, you can’t get rid of The Babadook!


5 thoughts on “Here’s Your (Last) Chance to Buy ‘THE BABADOOK’ Official Pop Up Book

  1. I want this book, I’m a big fan of the movie but I can’t find it anywhere 😔😔😔


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