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TREMENDUM’S NIGHTMARE THEATER Q&A with Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff

With Halloween fast approaching, LA Paranormal made the trip up to Central California to check out Fresno’s newest haunted attraction, TREMENDUM’S NIGHTMARE THEATER. Inspired by this summer’s horror hit film THE GALLOWS, this haunted attraction is located at the actual filming location of the movie… and it just happens to be haunted. It’s that combination that makes Nightmare Theater a must-do Halloween event for fans of the movie, haunts and the paranormal.

Nightmare Theater creators (and The Gallows directors) Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff were nice enough to chat with LAP about the origins of the haunt and why the scare actors might not be the only thing lurking behind you in the shadows.


LAP: Having seen THE GALLOWS, I really thought it would make a great haunt. When did you come up with the idea for Nightmare Theater?

C&T: We knew that the building would make a great place for a haunted house all throughout filming The Gallows. When the opportunity presented itself after The Gallows release, we had to go for it.


LAP: Are you hoping that people visit the haunt having already seen The Gallows so they know the story of Charlie?

C&T: If people already know about Charlie and The Gallows, the haunt is definitely a heightened experience. But if they haven’t heard of him, Nightmare Theater is still terrifying and we have people and video clips to educate them on Charlie and his backstory. Regardless, people are having a great time.

LAP:  When I went visited Nightmare Theater, I made it a point to chat with some of your crew to see if they had any paranormal experiences. A lot of them had stories about hearing disembodied voices and foot steps. Since you’ve both spent a lot of time at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, do you have any ghostly encounters you’d like to share?

C&T: We are going to let the Blu-ray combo pack of The Gallows do all the talking when it comes to haunted experiences! There’s a featurette on the Blu-ray that goes in depth on everything that we experienced (including footage) and it’s awesome.

LAP: Are you hoping to make Nightmare Theater an ongoing Halloween event?

C&T: Yes we would love it if Nightmare Theater could continue in Fresno every year. And maybe one day outside of Fresno.

LAP: Best of luck with the rest of the haunt season and one last question…we haven’t seen the last of Charlie have we?

C&T: The jury is still out! But of course we would love to see The Hangman return for another act!

THE GALLOWS is now available on DVD, BLURAY and DIGITAL just in time for HALLOWEEN!

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