Guardians of the Galaxy Might Take Over the Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure.

Goodbye Tower of Terror, hello Tower of Guardians?

There’s a rumor going around – a rumor not only of sight and sound but of mind… one of both shadow and substance: that the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror dropride at Disney California Adventure Park may soon be refurbished and re-branded with a Guardians of the Galaxy theme.

This rumor has not been officially confirmed by Disney reps, but has all but been confirmed as true on the well-informed, Disney-centric Micechat blog.

Micechat is reporting that Disney, who acquired Marvel in 2009 for $4 billion, has every intention on incorporating more Marvel into their parks, specifically Disney California Adventure (since Disneyland is busy getting the Star Wars treatment).

According to Micechat:

“This Tower of Terror proposal is part of a multi-year plan to get more Marvel into DCA, being pushed heavily by Bob Chapek. Since Chapek arrived a year ago as the new Parks Chairman, he’s been shocked to learn that after five years of owning Marvel there still isn’t a new Marvel ride in the California parks, and that the only thing TDA has done with Marvel is slap together some cheap meet n’ greets over the years.”

Reportedly the current plan would have DCA’s Tower of Terror closing in the fall for a full interior and exterior refurbishment, with the new version of the ride opening next May – which would coincide with the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie premiere. The Tower of Terror rides at Disney’s Florida, Tokyo and Paris parks would remain unchanged.

Tower of Terror fans have been reacting to the news of the potential switch on social media, with most seemingly unhappy:

Some however, seem not to mind:

Meanwhile we’re over here like:

giphy (17)


What’s your opinion on this purported change? Let us know in the comments section below!

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