{Watch} Scientists discover mysterious, glowing, purple orb near ocean floor, have no idea what it is.

Is this an alien pod or a newly discovered sea slug?

Marine scientists on a recent deep sea excursion near the Channel Islands discovered a strange, glowing purple orb hiding underneath a rock shelf and were totally stumped as to what it was.

In a scene that plays like one from a sci-fi horror flick but without the ending where someone would normally get eaten, we hear the unsuspecting group of researchers from the Ocean Exploration Trust casually and merrily chatting to each other as they observe their surroundings from the Exploration Vessel Nautilus, when suddenly they see the orb peeking out from underneath a rock shelf.

“Oh, what IS that?” asks one scientist.

‘I’m stumped,” says another.

“What if it’s an egg sac of some kind?”

“Maybe it’s a spider egg sac.”

Despite the fact that it might have been an unknown deep sea spider egg sac, or worse an alien monster pod, the brave researches decided to collect the orb for further examination, as scientific researchers tend to do, but not before almost losing it to a giant crab. It’s a riveting scene, to be sure.

As of this writing, the Nautilus crew are still working to identify the orb, but they are leaning towards it being a sea slug of some kind.





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