Haunt Review: San Diego is Creepier Than You Think This Halloween Season

San Diego is known for its beautiful beaches, night life and Comic Con, but once October rolls around it transforms into a damn fine Halloween town!  Check out our reviews of Savage House, The Haunted Hotel and The Haunted Trail at Balboa Park below:



The creative minds behind Savage Productions return this year with the all-new haunted attraction, Savage House-Infection. Having been a huge fan of last year’s Savage House haunt, I can say right off the bat that Infection does not disappoint. For those looking for something different than your “typical” haunt themes like killer clowns, Savage House offers an original, immersive take on the viral outbreak scenario, as you enter a government facility racing against the clock to stop the spread of a contagion that threatens to wipe out the U.S.

After an entertaining video intro that sets up the narrative of the haunt nicely, you find yourself inside the S.P. Industries facility – just as all hell breaks loose as the deadly virus is unleashed. The sets are fantastic and the scares are so impactful that you may feel like you’ve landed in the middle of one of the scariest scenes of the horror classic 28 Days Later.

If you’re looking for something fresh, Savage House-Infection serves up scares-a-plenty and eye-popping quality that is rare in an indie haunted attraction. Do yourself a favor and get yourself infected this Halloween season as soon as you can.


Savage House – Infection runs September 30th – October 31st 2016. Tickets: $16, VIP $21

Location: Westfield Mission Valley, 1640 Camino Del Rio North, San Diego, CA 92108



Located right in the heart of the historic Gaslamp quarter, The Haunted Hotel is the longest running Haunted House in San Diego, and it’s not hard to see why. I think I’ve visited The Haunted Hotel at least 10 times in the past decade. Each year the maze remains familiar with just enough new surprises to justify repeat visits. The experience starts with an elevator ride from hell that climaxes with a great scare before you start your journey down the dark corridors of The Haunted Hotel. Since there isn’t really a central theme to the haunt, it plays like a greatest hits album from your favorite haunted attractions. All your classics are here: Killer Clowns, Slashers and the Undead lurk behind each corner waiting to terrify you with their signature scare histrionics.

What really makes The Haunted Hotel fun though are the scare actors and their enthusiasm. The scares are energetic and rapid-fire making for a super-charged blast that really makes for an intense maze. If you’re in the mood for haunt comfort food, you can’t go wrong with The Haunted Hotel.


The Haunted Hotel is open selected nights through October 31, Tickets: $19, VIP $29

Location: 424 Market Street, San Diego, Ca 92101 (At the corner of Fourth & Market)



Nestled in San Diego’s historic Balboa Park, The Haunted Trail is fun haunt that’s a bit less intense than the norm, which makes it an ideal Halloween excursion for the entire family.

Though it’s in the middle of the city, the trail feels nicely desolate and creepy as you venture through a multitude of haunted houses.  Each house features homages to horror favorites like The Conjuring 2, Krampus and even Stranger Things, which is an added bonus for horror fans with a keen eye. The sets are pretty basic, but house themes and scares elevate The Haunted Trail to more of a treat than a trick.


The Haunted Trail is open selected nights through October 31, Tickets: $25, VIP $37

Location: 6th & Juniper at Marston Point (Just south of the Laurel Street Bridge)



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