New ‘Queer Ghost Hunters’ series seeks to uncover LGBT ghosts and history

…and it’s fabulous.

Check out the trailer for “Queer Ghost Hunters,” a new web series featuring a group of “real queer ghosthunters” who seek to make contact with queer ghosts to discover the hidden stories of lost LGBT lives.

Fascinating and funny, the series offers a unique perspective as further described on their Kickstarter page:

Queer Ghost Hunters is a docuseries on the web right now following the first group in the world that is contacting LGBTQ ghosts. You might think this is fascinating. You might think it’s funny. You are all welcome here! As we do our real investigations with a queer eye we don’t miss the chance to parody ghost hunting shows too.

But never mind the ghost part of all this. Here’s why we need your support.  We are discovering so MANY lost LGBT lives from the past through objective research before investigations. Records of people who were imprisoned or institutionalized for “deviant” behavior are turning up a lot in our work. Sad stories to be told but also hopeful ones from centuries ago.  Our web series takes that info and lets people explore it in a way that gets them interested in LGBT history: paranormal investigating.

The Queer Ghost Hunters are currently in need of funding for to continue their web series, but we’d personally love to see these guys with their own show on TV. What do you think?

For more information or to donate, check out the Queer Ghost Hunters Kickstarter page.


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