‘Tis The Season For Screams: A guide to the L.A. area’s best horror-themed holiday events!

If you thought Black Friday was the scariest thing about this holiday season…you’d be dead wrong!

The first weekend of December marks the start of yuletide terror to satisfy even the most bloody-thirsty horror fans.  Check out our guide to the L.A. area’s best horror themed holiday events and haunts, brought to you by ScarePop.com and THE HALLOWEEN EXPERIENCE:



FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS @ 11:00pm, DECEMBER 2, 3, 9, 10, 16 and 17, 2016.

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group proudly presents their All-New Holiday-Horror-Theater Spectacular in the great Grand Guignol, Theatre of Cruelty and Butoh-Traditions, centering around the memoirs of a forgotten street-alley haunted by the longing, beauty and unspeakable events of its Christmas-past; a cursed place of no mercy, inhabited by a hundred-year accumulation of apparitions, phantasms and sub-breeds that desperately await their next victim!  Directed by Zombie Joe



SINISTER POINTE’S NOT SO MERRY HOLIDAY HAUNT                                                             

DECEMBER 2, 3, 9, 10, 16 and 17, 2016 7PM-MIDNIGHT

Sinister Pointe returns to spread a little holiday fear with SINISTER POINTE’S NOT SO MERRY HOLIDAY HAUNT. This haunt promises to bring the scares and gore of Halloween with naughty touches that would make even BAD SANTA proud.



DECEMBER 10th at the Alpine Village and DECEMBER 17th at The Complex                          

So if you happen to like Michael Dougherty’s KRAMPUS flick and the industrial music stylings of the band RAMMSTEIN, you’re going to love KRAMMPSTEIN. This septet of rockers adorned in full Krampus gear return this holiday season to play two concerts at the Alpine Village and The Complex.



You can also find information on other LA-area Krampus-themed events, including a KRAMPUS PLAY and the 4th Annual KRAMPUS BALL – all part of the 2016 KRAMPUSFEST here:



ALL SAINTS LUNATIC ASYLUM-CHRISTMAS AT THE ASYLUM                                        

DECEMBER 16th AND 17th  7PM-10PM                                                                                              

ALL SAINTS LUNATIC ASYLUM is one of my favorite haunts to visit during the Halloween season, so even though it’s outside of the LA area, I thought I’d give their CHRISTMAS AT THE ASYLUM a mention for those willing to make the drive out to Apple Valley. It’s sure to be a scream!                                                                                                     http://www.allsaintsasylum.com/




Nothing screams the holidays more than Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece of modern horror, THE SHINING, am I right? CINESPIA’s annual holiday party invites you to come and play with them at the opulent Los Angeles Theater, where you can explore three floors featuring crystal chandeliers, eerie children’s play room, mirrored powder room, wood paneled study and cavernous auditorium, then watch THE SHINING on the big screen with thousands of fans. Full bars on every floor, plus a DJ, live music and dancing in the ballroom will make this a night to remember.

Note: Tickets are currently SOLD OUT, but you can check out the event Facebook page or places like Craigslist for resale tickets…



Happy Haunt-lidays!!

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