Guys, guys – there’s a Twisty the Clown doll coming

Must. Have. Twisty. Doll.

Imagine you’re just sitting at your desk at work, casually scrolling social media while nibbling on a sad desk salad when all of a sudden you discover the amazing news that your favorite murderous clown is going to be immortalized in doll form. Well, that is exactly what happened today, when I came across this tweet via American Horror Story‘s Twitter account:

Which led me to follow the link to AHS Executive Producer Ryan Murphy’s Instagram account, where he had posted this tease:

OMG. Yes… it appears that Twisty – the iconic serial killing (yet somehow endearing / lovable ) clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show (Season 4) – will soon be available as a freakishly creepy collectable doll of some kind.

We already have a Twisty Funko Pop, but this new announcement seems to indicate an official AHS doll that will be much more frighteningly realistic in nature.

No other details were immediately available but this is now the number one item on my Christmas wish list, in case anyone was wondering.

What a time to be alive!



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