Review: Creep LA: Lore

Based on the Amazon Prime Exclusive series – Creep LA: Lore is an immersive theatrical experience that brings disturbing folk tales to life.

Just Fix It Productions Creep LA is known for creeping out Los Angeles haunt-lovers with their unique brand of immersive Halloween experiences that are part haunt, part immersive theater and 100 percent designed to make you feel weird (and not just because you’re in a creepy warehouse downtown). First they brought us the bizarre Creep LA, then a demented dinner party in Creep LA: The Willows. Now, they’ve teamed up with Amazon Prime Video for Creep LA: Lore, an immersive theatrical production which brings to life Amazon’s six-episode Lore anthology series – (which itself is based on Aaron Mahnke‘s immensely popular Lore podcast).

The Lore podcast, the Amazon Prime Exclusive series and Creep LA‘s immersive Lore production all revolve around – as you might have guessed – folklore — examining of the real-life history and truth-is-stranger-than-fiction stories behind some of our most enduring myths and legends, from haunted dolls, to vampires, werewolves, seances and everything in-between.

In Creep LA: Lore, you are guided, in groups of 8, through a series of spooky vignettes or mini-scenes inspired by and related to the stories that are featured on the series. There aren’t many (if any) “jump scares” per se – the creep factor here comes from being immersed within a variety of of atmospheric sets, such as a forest, a cemetery, a mental asylum, etc., while actors act out mini-scenes around you and directly to you (and at times right in your face), for a full hour.

If you’re familiar with immersive theater, you could consider Creep LA: Lore to be sort of a cross between Punch Drunk Love’s noir-ish Sleep No More (NYC) and Jon Braver’s “haunted play,” Delusion (LA). Lore isn’t as interactive as Delusion (currently on hiatus), a show whose tagline was to encourage patrons to “play your part,” meaning your own actions and interactions would help propel the story along. With Lore, you will be told up front that speaking is not allowed, and a lot of what you do throughout is to silently observe. However, do expect that one or more members of your group will be separated from the others at times for unique, more intimate interactions, ensuring that no two people within a group will have the same experience, and leaving you with stories to swap amongst yourselves while decompressing with a beverage in the Amazon PrimeLore lounge / bar area afterwards. (Don’t miss the photo-booth in the lounge).

There are some surprises throughout, which I won’t spoil for you, but if offered a chance to volunteer for something or to be led away from the main group, I recommend that you do it in order to get the most out of your experience, as these are some of the most fun and memorable parts overall.

The Lore series is streaming now on Amazon Prime, and Creep LA: Lore does a good job of teasing the episodes without revealing too much – serving as a living, breathing, touching/feeling, trailer for the show. I loved that they emphasized the importance of story, and idea that every place has a story, and a/n (often dark) history. I do wish, however, that since we were only getting a glimpse of each tale, that some of the stories had been a little clearer or had introductions that explained the basic set-up for more clarity.

Still, as with other Creep LA events I’ve attending, I had a creepily fun (and generally unsettling) time, which is – I think – the goal. It’s definitely different than the typical Halloween maze/haunt, and what it does offer is darkly entertaining and interesting, especially for fans of immersive theater and folklore and creepy tales and the like.

In the realm of spooky things to do in the Los Angeles area this Halloween season, definitely put Creep LA: Lore on your list as one of the most hauntingly unique offerings going.

Creep LA: Lore runs select dates through November 12th. Tickets can be purchased at

And check out the official trailer for Amazon Video’s Lore series.

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