#BloodList2017 is upon us!

Horror hounds, industry folk, writers, producers and more – it’s that time of year again…Bloodlist time, that is!

The BloodList is an annual list released each October featuring the most-liked screenplays & pilots in the horror, thriller, sci-fi and horror-comedy genres, as voted for by film & television executives. Currently in its 8th year (and 9th edition) #BloodList2017 is filled with mayhem, cults, witches, monsters and thrills.

BloodList was founded in October of 2009 by literary manager / producer Kailey Marsh (Kailey Marsh Media) while she was an assistant. The annual list has become a go-to place to help discover writers in the horror, thriller, sci-fi and horror-comedy space. The list has expanded from just features to include pilots scripts as well. 31 of the 134 scripts that have appeared on the annual Bloodlist have been made and released, and this years list was voted on by 67 industry executives.

2017 also marks the second annual Fresh Blood Selects. The Fresh Blood Initiative is a free script submission system for unrepped writers through BloodList.com. The screenplays & pilots of The Fresh Blood Selects for 2017 are available to read via the website.

A calendar year for a project to be considered for the list is October to October, so horror writers and aspiring horror writers, it’s time to get writing… and who knows, maybe next year your script will be Bloodlisted…! In the meantime, check out all the chosen blood over at Bloodlist.com

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