Watch the trailer for Zak Bagans’ ‘Demon House’ (if you dare)

View at your own risk…

Paranormal investigator, Travel Channel star and Ghost Adventures creator and host Zak Bagans is the man behind Demon House, a new horror documentary film hitting theaters and Digital HD and VOD on March 16th.

The titular ‘Demon House’ is an Indiana home that’s been referred to as a “Portal to Hell” due to a history of reported demonic activity and one particularly high-profile possession case that spurred Bagans to buy the house over the phone after seeing the story on the news.

According to the trailer, when he and his crew subsequently went to the house to investigate, they simply weren’t prepared for what they would find. With the trailer promising a film that “won’t get out of your mind,” and complete with a warning to “view at your own risk,” you might want to douse yourself with holy water before you take a peek at this one.


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