‘Bloodlist’ 2019 announced: Dark genre resource highlights top unproduced horror scripts, new talent.

The 11th edition of BloodList is officially here!

BloodList.com is a survey of the most-liked, unproduced thriller and horror scripts of the year, as voted upon by industry professionals.

Often overlooked by other writing contests and competitions, The Bloodlist focuses purely on dark genre and also highlights new talent in Fresh Blood Selects.

With the past year in horror, we’d really love to highlight this 11th edition of a platform for aspiring horror creatives. The BloodList was created by a fellow horror fan, Kailey Marsh (literary manager at Brillstein Entertainment partners and Executive Producer on Hulu’s LIGHT AS A FEATHER). 25% of the scripts that have been featured on the annual BloodList have gone on to be produced (statistics via Studio System).

Some of the most popular produced scripts that have been featured on the annual BloodList include: ARRIVAL, BIRDBOX, THE SHALLOWS, THE VOICES, BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER etc.  The most recent BloodList alum are THE OTHER LAMB and WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS, both of which are currently doing the festival circuit. More produced films can be found here: https://www.bloodlist.com/about/#produced-films

This year’s list also includes the 4th annual Fresh Blood Selects, a collection of unrepresented horror, thriller, sci fi and dark comedy scripts that are filtered through our free submission system via BloodList.com.  The top ten projects were selected out of 513 submisisons that were received. The selected screenplays & pilots are available to read here: https://www.bloodlist.com/fresh-blood-selects-2/

“I want to thank everyone who has supported BloodList for the past decade and helped it grow into something special,” said Kailey Marsh in a statement. “It’s been a pleasure to bring exposure to talented writers and projects in the horror genre!”

The official Blood List can be viewed at https://www.bloodlist.com

Official Hashtags: #BloodList11 #BloodList2019 #FreshBloodSelects

Website: Bloodlist.com

Twitter: @TheBloodList

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebloodlist/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bloodlist/

BloodList Youtube 

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