The 23 acre The Hollywood Sports Complex transforms into the 3rd manifestation of Haunted Hollywood Sports. HHSP made its mark back in 2012 with three immersive “killhouses” where armed (with paintball or airsoft guns) participants take aim at zombies and monster hordes. HHSP also features four mazes-Venom, Legends of Black Canyon (basically identical to last year’s Cannibal Caverns), Fort Bedlam and Fog Hollow. Venom, Legends and Fort Bedlam are fun, but Fog Hollow leaves a lot to be desired. The scare zones are oddly vacant, but the clown midway features some giggle inducing actors. HHSP has a lot of potential, but hasn’t quite separated itself from the middle of the pack. If you’re looking for a new haunt to check out, HHSP is worth a look.



Open select nights Oct. 3rd-Nov. 1st

Review by Phil Crain.

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Phil Crain is an animation professional and independent producer from the Los Angeles area. He is a self professed lover of Halloween, ghosts and Star Wars.

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