Child’s Voice…

Our friend Jessica sent us this creepy audio clip that she recorded while investigating a reportedly haunted winery on the Oregon coast. There appears to be a (female?) child’s voice on the recording, talking over the group while they are discussing the time. There were only a handful of people present, with no children present and no one heard the voice at the time. Can you make out what it’s saying? Shout out to Jessica B., Chris Y. and Greg G. — thanks for sharing this! Continue reading Child’s Voice…

Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah, NV – Old Haunt, New Life.

Two years ago, while on a road trip through the Nevada desert, we stopped in at the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah, Nevada and peeked inside through the beveled glass of a side door. Built during the early 20th Century boom years of Nevada’s mining industry, back when Tonopah was known as “The Queen of the Silver Camps,” the old hotel and saloon had long been closed and was, at the time, for sale. The hotel having long been rumored to be haunted, my traveling companions and I had heard about the “lady in red” who reportedly haunts the 5th floor. … Continue reading Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah, NV – Old Haunt, New Life.

Mission Inn, Riverside CA: Faces of the Past?

The Mission Inn in Riverside California is a magnificent Mission-Revival style hotel spanning an entire city block. The hotel began in 1876 as Christopher Columbus Miller’s family adobe and was built up over the years by Christopher’s son, Frank Miller. The hotel is on the National Registry of Historic Places, and is an architectural marvel, in addition to housing magnificent works of art from Frank Miller’s extensive collection. The Mission Inn also has a haunted reputation. During a tour of the Mission Inn catacombs, Los Angeles Paranormal snapped this picture down a corridor. In examining the photos later, we noticed … Continue reading Mission Inn, Riverside CA: Faces of the Past?

Ghost Hunting is an Oxymoron (or, The Skeptical Ghost Hunter)

“Ghost hunting” is an oxymoron, is it not? Just what is a ghost, anyway? A spirit? A shadow? A memory? A smell? A sound? A laugh? An old photograph? Displaced energy? A lost soul? A figment of our imagination? A longing, a burning desire…? We “hunt ghosts” – and yet, what are we hunting? And what will we do when we catch these ghosts we seek? Bottle them up? Kill them? Keep them as pets or hang them on the mantle as trophies? Kirsten wrote about the “ghost hunter’s dilemma” and she’s right — any one who ‘hunts ghosts’ is … Continue reading Ghost Hunting is an Oxymoron (or, The Skeptical Ghost Hunter)

The Ghost Hunter’s Dilemma

Anyone who considers herself a paranormal investigator–that is, anyone committed enough to spend the entire night in cold, dark and often disturbing buildings/ships/homes/hospitals, knows one fact above all else: whatever we find, or whatever finds us, is frustratingly vague. We catch snippets of voices on digital recorders, but we often do not hear the same words; we find anomalies in photographs, but someone usually offers a natural explanation; we see spikes or sharp drops in temperature, or watch the EMF meter light up like a Christmas tree, but we really don’t know what it means. Interpretation of such oddities is … Continue reading The Ghost Hunter’s Dilemma

Queen Mary: The Engine Room & Sign #13

During an investigation aboard the RMS Queen Mary, Los Angeles Paranormal Association documented some strange activity in the engine room, near “shaft alley”. We were conducting an EVP session near the lubrication pump area #13, in front of a sign marked #13, when we heard distinct tapping sounds on the sign. Follow ups later that evening and the next day failed to provide a natural explanation for the taps. Coincidentally, in 1966, a young crewman named John Pedder met his demise in shaft alley when crushed by watertight door #13 during a fire drill, not far from where we were … Continue reading Queen Mary: The Engine Room & Sign #13