Apollo 10 Astronauts Heard Unexplained ‘Music’ On The Far Side Of The Moon.

Ground control to major Tom?

According to some recently declassified NASA transcripts and recordings – and according to a new episode of Science Channel’s series, “NASA’s Unexplained Files,”- the three-man crew of Apollo 10, which orbited the moon in 1967,  were taken by surprise and weirded-out when they heard some unexplained sounds as they traveled on the far, or ‘dark’ side of the moon.

For approximately one hour, which is the same period during which the the crew was cut off from all radio communications with the Earth, the three men heard eerie sounds coming through the radio that they described as “outer-space type music,” and “weird.” They even debated whether or not to share this “unbelievable” event with their superiors.

“It’s unbelievable, you know buddy?”

“Shall we tell them about it?”

“I don’t know, we oughta think about it.”

The transcripts and recordings from that hour were downloaded and immediately classified by NASA, where they remained classified for 40 years. The transcripts were released in 2008 but remained hidden, and the audio recordings were only recently released by NASA.

Take a listen to the noises in the clips below. What do YOU make of the mysterious “space music”?




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