{Updated} Here are all of the ‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Teasers in one place.

*This just in*… The theme for AHX Season 6 *may* have inadvertently been revealed. The folks at DreadCentral have all the details here. Keep in mind, this could also be the title of Episode 1 only, or even a misdirect, but at the very least, this info might offer a hint in the AHS Sweepstakes.


It’s tough keeping up with all these AHS6 teasers, but we’re determined to do it! The stakes of guessing the theme for Season 6 (or at least the premiere episode) have been upped by an AHS sweepstakes which you can enter here. One of those 6 teasers will be represented in the S6 premiere episode, but whether it correlates to the theme for the whole season is unclear.

In the meantime, here all the teasers so far:

Let’s start with the latest, Baby Face:

You all know we love a creepy doll, but seriously this latest teaser takes it to a new, nightmare-inducing level.

Next there’s this creepy, crawly teaser, Back Track:

TV Guide has a pretty interesting theory about this one, noting that these bugs are reminiscent of the alien bug that came out of Tate- I mean Kyle‘s (Evan Peters) neck in Season 2 Asylum, and since other ?6 teasers have hinted at aliens as well, the TV Guide article speculates that the aliens from Asylum could come into play this season too. We tend to agree with the idea that there will be tie-ins to past seasons, especially since we know that at least one scene if not more will focus on the Lost Colony of Roanoke that was referenced in Season 1.

Moving on…

Pitch a Fit:

There HAS to be a farm involved in Season 6. There just has to…

Next up,

The Lesson:


This is kind of “Children of the Corn” meets black-eyed children. We like it.

Moving on again, we have Blink:


Mmm. Yummy yummy eyeball.

Next up, Bathing Beauty:

Mmm. Yummy yummy hair.

Next, Self Preservation:


Ah, the ole dislocated jaw surprise…good one FX.

And the last one on this round, Bite Sized:


Mmm. Yummy yummy tarantula. Seriously, there are so many teasers we’re running out of things to say about them at this point.

Do you think you’ve guessed the theme for AHS6 yet? You’ll find all the rest of the teasers and more info here…


Three brand-new AHS6 teasers were released within the past day, and OMG y’all, one of them seems to confirm that all 6 Seasons are inter-connected! Let’s look at these in reverse order:

Teaser 14: Anthology

Thank you Yahoo TV for bringing this teaser to our attention. It’s really the teaser of all teaser’s considering Ryan Murphy has previously hinted that all the seasons of American Horror Story are connected, and this seems to confirm that idea – although it does not reveal precisely how. The bones in the forest at the end are an interesting touch. Does this go back to Roanoke and the Lost Colony of settlers that was referenced in Season 1 – and that we presume is the focus of at least one scene in the upcoming season? You have our attention, Mr. Murphy.

Teaser 13: The Harvest

WHAT ARE THOSE? By the way, since this teaser is not included in the “Anthology” compilation promo above, does it even count? We think it’s cool regardless and are still hoping for a farm-ish theme of some kind.

Teaser 12: Taken


This is the 2nd teaser so far to hint at aliens, which naturally takes us back to the relatively unresolved alien storyline back in Season 2, Asylum… COINCIDENCE? What do you guys think?

And more importantly, what are we going to do once we don’t have to guess about the upcoming Season 6 theme anymore?


Update – Another day, another batch of new American Horror Story teasers. We’ve given up guessing if any of these offer clues to the upcoming season 6 theme…we’re just having fun watching them at this point. Check them out:

Teaser 8: Shadow

Every time a new teaser gets released, we say it’s the best one so far, but seriously, this is the best one so far -amirite? I mean, it’s got classic horror vibes and a bit of dark humor that embodies so much of what we’ve come to love about AHS. We know that most of these teasers are probably misdirects,  but if they did a whole season around this one teaser we wouldn’t complain. Think vampires / Nosferatu / haunted castle. Yes, bring it on!

Teaser 9: Wind Chimes

This one’s called Wind Chimes… but in true AHS fashion these wind chimes are made of human teeth. We get a toothache just looking at this one. Seriously. *shivers*

Teaser 10: Camp Site

Ok, remember how we said we’ve given up guessing if these ?6 teasers offer clues for the theme? We take that back. Because this teaser has very strong vibes of the UFO abduction storyline in Asylum (Season 2)…which makes us wonder. Creator/Executive Producer Ryan Murphy has in the past confirmed that all the AHS seasons are connected… Also, we know that at least one scene or set of scenes from this upcoming season has something to do with Roanoke’s Lost Colony, which was first referenced in Murder House (Season 1). (see leaked set photos from the ?6 set below):

So, does the new alien abduction teaser mean that there might be some reference to Asylum within Season 6? Are we going to finally learn how all the seasons are connected?

Teaser 11: Blind Date

Ok Creature from the Black Lagoon. And she’s a sorority girl so… is that some kind of reference to Coven (Season 3)? Or are we way over-thinking this one?

In addition to the 11 teasers, the rest of which can be seen in our earlier posts below, FX has released this new poster:

Hooks like these have been used in various macabre ways in several of the earlier seasons of AHS, so your guess is as good as ours here.

The only other information we know about the upcoming season is the confirmed cast thus far, which includes Sara Paulson, Evan Peters, Denis O’hare, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Lady Gaga, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Wes Bentley.



Update – A seventh teaser has been released since our initial posting two weeks ago. According to FX executives only one of the original 6 teasers accurately reflects the theme for Season 6, so it’s hard to know if this new trailer does. But we do have a guess… see below:

Teaser 7: The Mist


This is perhaps the creepiest teaser so far. But is this representative of the Season 6 theme? We doubt it — and here’s why: The horrifying long-armed creature looks an awful lot like the one shown in this creepy viral trail-cam photo that made the internet rounds a few years back:


Anyone remember this? While the source of this photo was never “officially” solved, at one point some speculated that it was part of a viral marketing campaign for “Resistance 3,” – a video game created and designed for PlayStation by Insomniac Games.

Notice the “?6” at the end of the teaser that looks a little bit like the PlayStation logo? Here’s a comparison:

We think the FX folks are having a little fun with this one, and that this teaser is likely not reflective of the upcoming season’s theme.

Of course, we could be dead wrong about that.

What do you think?

*Previous* –

Update – FX Networks CEO John Landgraf recently revealed that only one of these 6 teasers accurately represents the upcoming season’s theme – and that the others are all “misdirects.” So intriguing! We are looking at these in an all new light now… but which one is the real deal?

*Original article:*

Can you guess the theme for the upcoming season of FX‘s AHS based on these 6 terrifying teaser trailers?

Teaser 1: What’s Cooking.

This eerie farmhouse teaser has major Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes combined with a little Edward Hopper, Wizard of Oz and maybe a bit of Hansel and Gretel. It’s gorgeously creepy and atmospheric and we’re loving it. Could this be the locale for the new season? We sure hope so.

Teaser 2: Milli Crossing.

Hello Lady Gaga and hello freaky millipede. Or is it a centipede? Whatever it is, it’s disgusting. If you’re even remotely icked out by bugs this one will send shivers down your face. *shivers*. But what does it mean?

Teaser 3: Sunset Stroll

Kind of a Village of the Damned thing going on here. Or maybe The Fog. Is this a family of Aliens? Or are they possessed? They’re deeply unsettling, whatever they are. The dude on the right looks like the preacher from Poltergeist 2. Are these the owners of the creepy farmhouse? How does this relate to the millipede?

Teaser 4: Post Op

Wow. This one is not for the faint of heart. Or head. This poor guy is going to need some vitamin E cream, stat. As to what it means, we’re not sure, but we’re digging scary stapler guy’s british accent…

Teaser 5: Lullaby

Rock a bye, say goodnight, go to sleep little… demon?! Also, that is one twisted baby crib mobile. The hanging farm tools are giving us hope that the farmhouse will indeed be the setting. But who or what is that little monster inside? (*Update the tools look like they spell out “P-I-G” which have led some to speculate that there could be a cult theme going on.)

Teaser 6: Descent

If running barefoot down a flight of metal stairs while strangers hands try to grab your ankles as you scream and whimper sounds like fun then this one won’t creep you out at all. Also, is that a cat meowing or is that all human whimpering we hear? Either way, color us terrified.

What do you guys think of the new American Horror Story Season 6 teasers? Can you guess what the theme will be?

American Horror Story Season 6 premieres September 14th on FX.

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