‘The Shining’ maze comes to Halloween Horror Nights

Get ready for a trip to The Overlook Hotel…

This fall, visitors to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando and Hollywood will be able to COME AND PLAY with the world of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining — the classic horror film based on Stephen King’s terrifying novel that forever immortalized the term REDRUM!

Via Universal:

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is a horror classic, and now Halloween Horror Nights 2017 invites you to THE OVERLOOK HOTEL. Within its walls, you’ll relive some of the scariest moments ever caught on film. Face the tormented Grady Twins. Experience Danny Torrance’s blood soaked premonitions. And it’s “all work and no play” as an axe-wielding Jack Torrance pursues you through a snow covered hedge maze. This legendary masterpiece is now the most terrifying haunted experience imaginable. This is “The Shining”.

So… blood-soaked premonitions, Grady Twins, Jack Torrance with an axe AND a snow covered hedge maze?!

What can we say except, “heeere’s Johnny!”

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