{Escape Room Review} Mobile Escape Room LA – “The Sleep Study”

image via Mobile Escape Room LA

If you know the ScarePop crew at all, you know we love escape rooms! Yes, I’m talking about those newfangled, themed, interactive rooms where a group of people get “locked in” and have to work together to solve a bunch of clues before time runs out in order to “escape.” The idea is that with a solid amount of teamwork and ingenuity, your team will “have fun,” “be successful” and not “curl up in a corner sobbing tears of frustration.”

We’ve tested our mettle at several LA-area escape rooms in recent months, but the Mobile Escape Room LA is the first one we’ve experienced that is actually located on a bus that will travel to you if you so desire. Our group of six opted to drive to them at their regular docking station in Sherman Oaks, because that happens to also be our ‘hood (Sh’oaks represent!).

Currently Mobile Escape Room LA offers two rooms to choose from – the “Not Summer Camp” room geared specifically for children (a unique concept among local escape rooms as far as I know) and “The Sleep Study,” a more horror-themed room geared towards adults.

The Sleep Study’s deceptively simple looking interior.

The idea behind “The Sleep Study” is that your group has signed up for a sleep study only to discover upon arrival that there’s an evil doctor who has plans to kill you if you don’t escape in time.

Evidence of his previous sinister activities is strewn about the bus, along with a series of puzzles and cryptic clues left behind by his previous victims.

An action shot from our “The Sleep Study” game.

I must admit, I was initially hesitant of the idea of trying an escape room on wheels, simply because I wondered if six people in the aisles of a small bus would feel too cramped and limit the fun factor and diversity of puzzles. It turned out though that the size and spacing actually added a fun element, and being on a bus made the experience feel unique.

We appreciated that there were some spooky horror elements within in “The Sleep Study” room and the fact that there were plenty of different clues and puzzles to solve. We were also impressed that they managed to include some fun surprises in the room as well.

Having experienced a few escape rooms already, we’ve become versed in the various types of clues and puzzles they typically employ, but even so, our group found the “The Sleep Study” to be challenging. We did escape – but with less than five minutes on the clock.

Us frantically attempting to figure out clues…

Our host, Jessica, was very personable and friendly, and not only was she monitoring our game and offering clues when asked, but she was also taking pictures of us in action, which she later sent to us. The action photos were another fun element we hadn’t seen before at other escape rooms.

The overall reaction from our entire group afterwards was, “That was surprisingly fun!” Whatever initial doubts we may have had about the Mobile Escape Room LA had been squashed.

A clearly satisfied ScarePop crew…

We recommend the Mobile Escape Room LA for escape room newbies and veterans alike, those living in the Valley, those who appreciate a scary / spooky theme, or those looking for an escape room that will actually travel to you. It’s perfect for a private party – the folks over at Forbes (who listed Mobile Escape Room LA on their best escape rooms in Los Angeles list) made a whole morning out of their “Sleep Study” experience with mimosas and bagels.

For more information or to book, visit their website: http://mobileescaperoomla.com/

Or follow them:

Facebook: @mobileescaperoomla

Twitter: @mobile_escape



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