Alcatraz – Ghosts Live Here

Alcatraz island is a cold, yet beautiful place. There is no protection on this outcrop from the icy pacific gusts that assault non-stop. Birds nest here, wildflowers grow. But standing stark and ominous above it all, and clearly unforgiving, the infamous prison dominates this tiny piece of land that juts out in the middle of ...


The Spirits of the Pierpont Inn: 100 Years of Hauntings?

The Pierpont Inn was built in 1910 as a respite for travelers along the 101. The Inn was Josephine Pierpont's inspiration, and some say she still inhabits the Inn she loved so much. Other suspected spirits-in-residence include Mrs. Mattie Gleichman, who ran the Pierpont for 70 years, and Emma Darling, a former guest. The property ...

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