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A Night of LA’s ‘Gourmet Ghosts’ at The Last Bookstore

Those of you in the Los Angeles area looking for some spooky fun to to kick off your Halloween weekend can count on a ghoulish evening this Friday night at The Last Bookstore...

Top 5 Haunted Bars in Los Angeles

True crime shows are top of the TV charts, and in the spirit of poison, jealousy, despair, serial killers, scandals, guns, and the ghost stories left behind, we offer you five of the best places to drink and dine with the dead in the City of Angels… if you dare!

Winchester Mystery House to Offer Spooky New Candlelight Tours.

One of America's most legendary haunted mansions is offering a ghostly new nighttime tour this Halloween season - one that is sure to appeal to the paranormally inclined amongst you.

Does this footage of ‘ghostly mist’ reveal the spirits of 7 monks?

"Smoke doesn’t move like that – it was moving very oddly. Bizarre really."


Halloween 2015 – Paranormal Thrills Meet Halloween Chills

In 2015, two truly haunted attractions have emerged to scare you to death - Halloween scare attractions located on historic ships known as much for their ghosts as for their maritime achievements. Check them out if you dare!


Child’s Voice…

Our friend Jessica sent us this creepy audio clip that she recorded while investigating a reportedly haunted winery on the Oregon coast. There appears to be a (female?) child's voice on the recording, talking over the group while they are discussing the time. There were only a handful of people present, with no children present and no ...

Why Do I Do This? (or, The Essence of Ghost Hunting.)

Recently, I was asked the question,  “What is your goal with all of this?” The person asking me the question was referring to my hobby of “ghost hunting” - or, in other words, why the heck would I spend my spare time in dark, abandoned places asking questions into thin air? “Well,” I said, “it started ...


Mission Inn, Riverside CA: Faces of the Past?

The Mission Inn in Riverside California is a magnificent Mission-Revival style hotel spanning an entire city block. The hotel began in 1876 as Christopher Columbus Miller's family adobe and was built up over the years by Christopher's son, Frank Miller. The hotel is on the National Registry of Historic Places, and is an architectural marvel, ...


EVP – Former Mental Hospital – Pipes: Bang Twice!

We were at a former mental hospital, in the bathroom of an abandoned unit. Someone or something seemed to be using the pipes in the walls/ceilings to communicate with us. Have a listen and you will see what I mean. Note *You will hear metallic tapping sounds - those are the pipes. There is one ...

Amargosa Opera House and Hotel: Life After Death (Valley)

In the middle of Death Valley - one of the harshest and most extreme environments on earth - stands one of the most unusual hotels in America. It is the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel, and it is listed as one of the top 10 haunted hotels in the country. The Amargosa, whose name stems ...