Does this footage of ‘ghostly mist’ reveal the spirits of 7 monks?

A UK ghost hunter believes it does…

39 year-old Lee Roberts first posted this video to his Facebook page on April 16th, a day after the footage was captured via CCTV camera at a building called The Village in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England.

Roberts and a group of fellow paranormal investigators had been holding a vigil of sorts over the course of 2 nights at the 19th-century building – a former slaughterhouse built on the site of a barn where, as legend has it, 7 monks had perished in a fire.

Roberts told the Huffington Post that the barn The Village building was built upon had a secret tunnel to St. Peter’s church. ‘Monks at the church used the barn to hide in. The barn was eventually burnt to the ground with seven monks inside.’

Roberts would keep an eye on the CCTV footage while the rest of the group used a ouija board, held hands and called out for spirits to show themselves. The group did not see the mist until Roberts showed them the footage afterwards.

‘To have this story of the seven monks and then this appear on camera, the two things together is really exciting. Put the two together and it’s pretty odd.’

Here’s another video clip of the mist from the same night:

Roberts has been leading ghost hunts at The Village for two years but says he has never seen mist on the cameras before. He stressed on his Facebook page that the room seen in the footage is not only indoors, but has no windows. He has himself ruled out the possibility of smoke, dust and other environmental factors. In a series of quotes that appear in the Daily Mail, he states:

‘Some people are saying it is smoke or something from outside, however smoking and vaping is banned in the building so I know it wasn’t that and there are no windows down there so there was nothing coming in. Also, smoke doesn’t move like that – it was moving very oddly. Bizarre really.’

‘Some have claimed it could be an air phenomenon that the building has, however I have been investigating that place for two years and have never seen this before or since. It appeared moments after the vigil finished, came in waves for about an hour and then disappeared.’

‘Others have said it looks like spirits walking around or the first manifestations of something such as a ghost or poltergeist.’

‘It reminds me of the mist that appears in the Poltergeist film.’

Commenting on one of Roberts Facebook posts, Roxanne Slater, a paranormal investigator present at the time of the vigil, had this to say about the experience:

‘…we couldn’t see the mist, nor did it show on any of our gadgets. We felt like we were being watched and felt very uncomfortable in certain places.’

Roberts shared a similar sentiment with the Huffington Post:

‘It was very, very eerie down there that night. People commented on it. It did feel like there were things around us watching.’

What do you think of the ghostly mist captured at The Village? Do you think it could be paranormal in nature or is it easily explained by science? While you’re pondering that, have a look at this clip from the original Poltergeist movie:

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